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Profile Picture: AlphaFlame New Profile Picture.png
Birthdate: March 3rd, 2006
Discord: AlphaFlame (Jack)#9629
YouTube: AlphaFlame

About Me

I have been apart of the custom Mario Kart Wii community since around August of 2017. I moderate and administrate a couple of Mario Kart Wii Discord servers and I am also apart of the Variety Pack Team.

📺 My Showcases...

My update of Delfino Village ⬇️
My update of Festival Track ⬇️
My update of Blue Sky Beach ⬇️
Lapiz Yoshi (Yoshi Texture) ⬇️
By the same author: AlphaFlame

Custom Characters:
Lapiz YoshiFunky Kong on Magikruiser

Custom Track Updates:
Festival TrackDelfino VillageBlue Sky Beach

Custom Tracks:
Crunk Cheetos Circuit

Alpha's Track Mix

Variety PackLegacy Kart Wii