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Paran / Rz
Age: 19
Twitter: @huodo9rp


Discord: Private
YouTube: RzAtMkw
Nicovideo: Rz9Paran
osu! Invrsn_9prnnoob

Hello there. I'm Paran aka Rz (pronounced Ryuz), a Japanese sketchy custom track creator.
I'm bound up in osu! recently.

I'm sorry if you can't understand my English because it's so bad.

My Own Custom Tracks

Name / Current Version Date of First Release Date of Latest Release
Cityside Nature Beta 2.33 2015-12-18 2017-08-30
Fortside Volcano RC2a 2016-02-05 2019-02-28
Nightmare Cliff v1.0 2017-10-31
Cottonplant Forest v1.0 2018-02-08 2018-06-16

Collab Tracks

Name who collaborated with Track Name / Current Version Date of Latest Release
MaximilianoMK Troy Circuit 2016 v1.0 2016-06-28
Illuminati Track Thing v1.1 2016-11-24
Rainbow Labyrinth v2.01 2018-10-20

Custom Track Edits / Fixes

Name / Current Version Date of Latest Release Original Author Details
Majora's Castle Beta 4 2017-12-26 Xaeser Gameplay improvements in Beta 2.
Blood Fire Sky Beta 3.1 2018-05-19 Thed0ra7z Visual overhaul in Beta 2 thru 3.
Mushroom Fort RC4 2019-03-08 Putinas, Conner Gameplay improvements.
ONI Training Place v1.0 2017-12-15 Dao Ibuki
Simply Retroway Beta 2 2018-12-14 NEGATEN
Blue Loop Remake v1.0 2019-02-11 YellowYoshi Remade track.

My Own Texture Hacks

Name / Current Version Date of Latest Release Infomation
Lighting Gold Bricks Beta 2016-09-13 BoneStage-themed texture hack.
Poison Garden v0.7 (Beta 2) 2015-03-02 DS Peach Gardens Texture
Sakura Forest v1.0.1 2019-02-09 The texture hacks of Cottonplant Forest, my own custom track.
Autumn Cave v1.0 2018-10-28
Winter Forest v1.0 2019-02-08


  • My BRSTMs v1 v2 v3.1 FINAL - The 3 versions of my music pack. Some of special things are included in v2 downloaded pack. The new update pack is now being prepared for now.
  • Unlisted track fixes for Hack Pack v4 in Wiiki

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Upcomming Projects

Custom Tracks

Riverside Campsite: First attempt
  • Riverside Campsite - A brend new track planning from 2016
    • It's being re-modeling from scratch in 3ds Max at the moment.
  • Cityside Nature - (maybe unnecessary) Update for visual improvement, or completely remake
Preview of Fortside Volcano v1 in 3ds Max
  • Ghost City - A brend new ghosty-themed track planning from 2016 Halloween
  • Icy Village - A brend new icy-themed track planning from 2017
  • Lost Island v1.3 original by Styler00Dollar - Unofficially update for more gameplay and visual improvements


    Will be released in first half of 2019.

Planned Projects

Custom Tracks

  • Town of Island Tentative name - My absolutely first track. The track features a tiny island with buildings and small beach. The track will be remade and released in public someday. Hopefully.
  • Island Railway - The track that run a concrete road and leaveway side of rails on island. Maybe it will contains battle mode-compatible.
  • Yellow Fog Forest - This track will have yellow fog, trees with red leaves, a narrow river and underground way.
  • Emerald Cove - The track will be featured many emeralds in cave and underwater.
  • Sky Island - It will take places of many terreins in the sky. It'll contains custom texture animations and compatible battle mode like Mario Kart 8 thing.
  • Rusty Garden Tentative name - The track will take place in a temple covered with thorny roses.
  • White Loop - The track will be placed white-colored road, black-colored out-of-bounds and a shortcut of underwater
  • Kizuna Dimension - The track will be made in reference to the Virtual YouTuber Kizuna AI.
  • Bowser's Ruins - It's a desert track that Koopa Shells, the inside of it is possible to drive, stand instead of any pyramids.
  • Remake tracks - I'll remake or fix(?) the glitchy, and too old tracks (with anyone).
    • Blue Loop - The track will be made snowy or icy track in the next update soon.


  • Paran's CT Pack - Its planned list can be seen here.
    The distribution contains many custom tracks with necessary modifications, CTGP system, Countdown Mode, other special game mods and Wiimmfi support with custom regions.
    • Beta version - The main pack is being taken soooo long time to be released at the moment. So I decided to make a simply pack as beta version. The mini pack contains 32 custom tracks and of course, any special game mods.