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ヴァレミ varemi
  • ヴァレミ#1773

I'm varemi, a 19-year-old Japanese. "ヴァレミ" is the same as "varemi."

I often use Google Translate, so I may use bad grammar or words. If you felt uncomfortable, please tell me. I'm sorry.

I make tracks for ME when I want to. If you want to update my tracks, ask me first. Unable to contact me? Hmm, what does it mean


This distribution contains 82 tracks that were made by Japanese. Nack, Kazuki, Jolte0n, and McRaren are working on it.

  • Track updates
I will work for JCTC, Hack Pack, and myself.

  • New CTs
Becoming able to speak Japanese will be the easiest way to play my tracks. Not sure what I'm saying.
You can still ask me to collaborate with and release the track to the Wiiki (in fact Secret Athletic House was released).