Underground Sky (EC2Joshi)

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This article is about EC2Joshi's version. For Caron's remake, see Underground Sky (Caron).
Underground Sky
Author: EC2Joshi
Version: v0.7
Date of latest version: 2016-05-16
WBZ files: ct.wiimm.de
Download: Google Drive


Underground Sky is EC2Joshi's fifth custom track. There is also a remake by Caron available.


v0.7 VS Race
RC3.2 VS Race

Known Bugs

  • Respawn point #8 (where all the CPUs hang) is wrong and you'll get an endless respawn.
  • Going too far to the right when hitting the first underground cannon causes you to miss the midair cannon. You fall into the water and waste valuable time.
  • "Before falling down I drive slow into the abyss. Somewhere in the middle, my bike lands and I can't move in any direction."
  • Ultra Shortcut: If you go to the right at the start of the race, going behind the three and go back. You can complete a lap of ~10 seconds, 3 times
  • Ultra Shortcut: If you are going to the left before the first bridge (but after the finish line) for some seconds and then fall off, you'll end up respawning near the second cannon.

Version History

Version Date of release Information
RC2 2011-06-04 First release
RC3.2 2011-07-29
RC3.3 2011-11-21 Hotfixes by kHacker35000vr:
  • Fixed checkpoint glitches
RC4 2013-10-14 Hotfixes by Masayuki:
  • Fixed respawn
  • Better item routes
  • Item routes height fixed
  • Moved start position
v0.4 2012-02-25 1-lap edition
v0.5 2015-09-17 Update by Estaloy:
  • Fixed respawn glitch
  • Better second and third cannon ending.
  • Lap 3 starts at the start of ruins labyrinth.
v0.7 2016-05-16 Update by Estaloy:
  • Fixed ultra shortcut (going on right and skipped the finish line by passing behind the three)
  • Better finish line checkpoint position for the Ruin Labyrinth
  • Better second cannon ending position (works for every vehicle now)
  • New lap count system
  • Lap Modifier Version: laps for every part of the track.
  • "Bigger" ramp after the fourth cannon
  • Added mushrooms (Mushroom Gorge one) to Mushroom Land
  • Added Dry Dry Ruins pillar and sand cone to Ruin Labyrinth
  • Added Piranhas (the Waluigi Stadium one) to Ruin Labyrinth
  • Brighter textures in Mushroom Land part
  • Moved cannon of GBA Bowser Castle 1 part.
  • Added some sign for indicate the direction. (Made the track less confusing.)
  • Added star ring for the cannon of GBA Bowser Castle 1 and Mushroom Land.
  • Did a part of item route.

Custom Track Distributions

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