Tomb of Anubis

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Tomb of Anubis
Creator: JerryMKW, Rukasudo90, Cyb
Designer: Cyb
Version: v1d
Release date: 2013-10-12
Editors used: SketchUp, CTools, Wiimms SZS Tools, BrawlBox
Download: Dropbox

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Although it is named a tomb, there are barely any ceilings to make it so, so this is more like driving in outside ruins. It has an underground passageway and large cylinders.

Cyb primarily developed the model and JerryMKW and Rukasudo90 made it a playable track.


v1d Freeze
v1.0 VS Race

Version History

Version Date of release Information
Beta 2013-08-16 First release
v1 2013-08-18
v1b 2013-08-18
  • The Goombas move now
  • Bigger Goombas
  • KCL Bugs fixed (v1)
  • Fixed the Black texture before the Boost Section
v1c 2013-10-12 Model updated.
v1d 2013-10-12 Bugs fixed.

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