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'''WIP Tracks (on hold):'''<br>
'''WIP Tracks (on hold):'''<br>
GCN Luigi Circuit
GCN Luigi Circuit &ndash;
[[DS Mario Circuit (Bri)|DS Mario Circuit]]
'''Updated Custom Tracks:'''<br>
[[Beach Valley|Beach Valley RC2]] &ndash;
[[Beach Road|Beach Road RC2]] &ndash;
[[Scary Cemetery|Scary Cemetery RC3.1]] &ndash;
[[Northpole Slide (Retrostyle12)|Northpole Slide v1.1]] &ndash;
[[SNES Koopa Beach 1 (AndyK)|SNES Koopa Beach 1 RC3 and RC4]] &ndash;
[[Bowser's Flooded Castle|Bowser's Flooded Castle v1.2 and v1.2.hotfix]]
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'''Track Edits:'''<br>
'''Track Edits:'''<br>
[[Mario Desert (Mario Circuit Edit)|Mario Desert]]
[[Mario Desert (Mario Circuit Edit)|Mario Desert]]
'''WIP Projects:'''<br>
[[SNES Donut Plains 1]] &ndash;
[[SNES Bowser Castle 1]] &ndash;
SNES Ghost Valley 2 &ndash;
[[SNES Bowser Castle 2]] &ndash;
[[SNES Koopa Beach 2]] &ndash;
[[SNES Choco Island 2]] &ndash;
[[SNES Vanilla Lake 2]] &ndash;
[[SNES Donut Plains 3]] &ndash;
[[SNES Mario Circuit 4]] &ndash;
[[SNES Rainbow Road]] &ndash;
[[SNES Battle Course 1]] &ndash;
[[SNES Battle Course 3]] &ndash;
SM64 Jolly Rodger Bay &ndash;
SM64 Cool Cool Mountain &ndash;
SM64 Big Boo's Haunt &ndash;
SM64 Bowser in the Dark World &ndash;
SM64 Dire Dire Docks &ndash;
SM64 Inside the Volcano &ndash;
SM64 Bowser in the Fiery Sea &ndash;
SM64 Tall Tall Mountain &ndash;
SM64 Snowman's Head &ndash;
SM64 Wet Dry World &ndash;
SM64 Tiny Huge Island &ndash;
SM64 Tick-Tock Clock &ndash;
SM64 The Princess's Secret Slide &ndash;
SM64 Rainbow Ride &ndash;
SM64 Shifting Sand Land &ndash;
SM64 Lethal Lava Land &ndash;
SM64 Bowser in the Sky &ndash;
SM64 The Secret Aquarium &ndash;
N64 Luigi Raceway &ndash;
[[N64 Moo Moo Farm]] &ndash;
[[N64 Koopa Beach]] &ndash;
[[N64 Kalimari Desert]] &ndash;
N64 Toad's Turnpike &ndash;
[[N64 Frappe Snowland]] &ndash;
[[N64 Choco Mountain]] &ndash;
[[N64 Royal Raceway]] &ndash;
[[N64 Yoshi Valley]] &ndash;
[[N64 Block Fort]] &ndash;
[[GBA Cheese Land]]  &ndash;
[[GBA Bowser Castle 2]] &ndash;
[[GBA Luigi Circuit]] &ndash;
[[GBA Sky Garden]] &ndash;
[[GBA Ribbon Road]] &ndash;
[[GBA Rainbow Road]] &ndash;
[[GBA Battle Course 4]] &ndash;
SMS Delfino Plaza &ndash;
SMS Sirena Beach &ndash;
SMS Pinna Park &ndash;
SMS Delfino Plaza (battle arena) &ndash;
SMS Pinna Beach &ndash;
SMS Dolpic Town &ndash;
[[GCN Peach Beach]] &ndash;
[[GCN Baby Park]] &ndash;
[[GCN Dry Dry Desert]] &ndash;
[[GCN Mushroom Bridge]] &ndash;
[[GCN Daisy Cruiser]] &ndash;
GCN Mushroom City &ndash;
[[GCN Yoshi Circuit]] &ndash;
[[GCN DK Mountain]] &ndash;
[[GCN Bowser's Castle]] &ndash;
[[GCN Rainbow Road]] &ndash;
GCN Luigi's Mansion &ndash;
[[GCN Tilt-a-Kart]] &ndash;
[[GCN Nintendo GameCube]] &ndash;
[[GCN Block City]] &ndash;
[[GCN Pipe Plaza]] &ndash;
[[DS Figure-8 Circuit]] &ndash;
DS Cheep Cheep Beach Beta &ndash;
[[DS Cheep Cheep Beach]] &ndash;
[[DS Luigi's Mansion]] &ndash;
DS Delfino Square Beta &ndash;
[[DS DK Pass]] &ndash;
[[DS Tick-Tock Clock]] &ndash;
[[DS Mario Circuit]] &ndash;
[[DS Wario Stadium]] &ndash;
[[DS Rainbow Road]] &ndash;
[[DS Palm Shore]]
'''Character Textures:'''<br>
'''Character Textures:'''<br>
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[[Green Peach (Peach Texture)|Green Peach]] &ndash;
[[Green Peach (Peach Texture)|Green Peach]] &ndash;
[[Red Koopa Troopa (Koopa Troopa Texture)|Red Koopa Troopa]]
[[Red Koopa Troopa (Koopa Troopa Texture)|Red Koopa Troopa]]
'''Character Ports:'''<br>
[[SMS Peach]]
'''Vehicle Ports:'''<br>
[[Gold Standard]] &ndash;
[[Egg 1 (Bri)|Egg 1]]
[[Mario Kart Mix]] &ndash;
[[Mario Kart Mix]] &ndash;
[[Multi Kart Wii]] &ndash;
[[Multi Kart Wii]] &ndash;
[[Mario Kart Crossover]] &ndash;
[[Mario Kart Crossover]]
[[Mario Kart Mix Deluxe]]

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Custom Tracks:
Winter Circle

Retro Tracks:
GCN Dino Dino JungleGCN Sherbet LandSNES Mario Circuit 1DS Waluigi PinballGBA Peach CircuitGBA Bowser Castle 1

WIP Tracks (on hold):
GCN Luigi Circuit – DS Mario Circuit

Yoshi 8 CircuitNorthpole SlideOrange Loop

Texture Hacks:
Sunset SummitSunset IceGBA Ice Castle 1

Updated Texture Hacks:
King Boo's EstateSpace Cruiser Circuit

Track Edits:
Mario Desert

Character Textures:
Orange and Black ToadetteChristmas ToadetteGreen and Yellow DaisyGreen PeachRed Koopa Troopa

Character Ports:
SMS Peach

Vehicle Ports:
Gold StandardEgg 1

Mario Kart MixMulti Kart WiiMario Kart Crossover