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A year later

Plainly: both versions are based off the same branch (presumably Wiimm's v1.1i) and should never have been introduced as separate articles. Indeed, Sniki's versions introduced a major graphical overhaul and various other changes, but the fact is I'm still a co-author on that version (unwillingly), and it would not make sense to list me as an author on two pages for the same exact work. This merge is also occurring to prevent further lack of proper credit on track distributions.

I finally relinquish my hold on the work used by Sniki, but in the same move I am not going to allow "sanctioned spinoff" nonsense to go on any longer. Please respect my part in this (unwillingly) "shared project." It's an update - a reworking of data I previously collected and arranged. Sniki undoubtedly did an excellent job updating and modernizing my work, and at this point I'm willing to refer to it as such.

So again, I'm happy with the work produced by this "collaboration," and all this merge is intended to reflect the other version's status as an update (it is), and remove my detachment from distribution credit. Great job team.

To close, I'm going to state I still reject any notion that any of port work is "free to use" on that basis that Nintendo (or other parties) designed the source files. This is not how copyright works. While Nintendo owns the source files, I own any transformative work applied. Sniki greatly added and expanded upon the groundwork I laid - the effort I put in is exactly what this update was built upon. This is plain and simple. Wiimm has kindly laid out information on the update within Talk:DS_Shroom_Ridge, which also includes the rest of the relevant discussion. As you can see, this update includes a blend of original content by Sniki, original content by me, and fusion of these concepts (such as remodeling various aspects of the course model). Thank you very much for the insightful write ups, investigation, and updates applied. I appreciate it! --SuperMario64DS (talk) 00:03, 14 May 2019 (UTC)