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File:Stunt Circuit v1.1.png|A top view of the track
File:Stunt Circuit v1.1.png|A top view of the track

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Stunt Circuit
Creator: BCphoton
Designer: BCphoton
Version: v1.2
Date of latest version: 2013-04-6
Editors used: SketchUp, SZS Modifier, KMP Modifier
Download: Google Sites

Suggested Slot: Luigi Circuit Template:Track rating


Stunt Circuit is a mostly flat circuit that is seemingly floating in the middle of a lake or outer space. This track has many boost panels and shortcuts. It also has many different things throughout the track.

Start Plaza: When you start the race, you will be in Start Plaza. It has two trick ramps, one on either side. It is right before Curves Plaza and right after Chaos Plaza.

Curves Plaza: This is a plaza where you can go many different routes. You can take the shortcut, which will get you through the quickest, but you have to avoid falling off. There is the main route, which has an extra boost pad. There is the ramp, which, if you make the turn, you can do a trick off of. You can also go under the ramp, which keeps you safe from items like red shells. Then there is the longcut, which is the longest route. But, there is an item box there which will always give you a mushroom, which, if kept, can get you into the Boost Shortcut.

Jump Ramp: After Curves Plaza, there is the Jump Ramp. When entering it, the road dips down in a curve. There are itemboxes right before the jump.

Outer Space: After the Jump Ramp, you take a left turn and a right turn and go into Outer Space. This is due to the skybox not being centered or big enough to fit the circuit. This is more or less a glitch and was unintended. Stars were recently added to this section.

S Curve: After Outer Space, you take a right turn. You can either go to Boost Shortcut on your left, which is only useful with a mushroom, or go straight onto the S-Curve. It is pretty self-explanatory,. There are itemboxes in between the two curves. There is also a mushroom in the middle of the first curve, which you can bounce off of for a shorter route, but you will miss the itemboxes.

Boost Shortcut: If you get a mushroom before this, you should save it for this. It is hidden right before the S-Curve. There is a long off road stretch, which can be overcome with a mushroom, and then there is a long boost pad with a jump at the end, which will skip you through all of the S-Curve and jump you over Pillar Plaza.

Pillar Plaza: After the S Curve, there is Pillar Plaza. It is a moderately sized plaza with many pillars in it. You can go straight through the middle, which is the quickest route, go off to the sides, which is longer but has itemboxes, or say to the right and enter the shortcut. This shortcut has four itemboxes. Two give a bomb, and two give a red shell. At the end of this shortcut, it will drop you into Chaos Plaza.

Chaos Plaza: Chaos Plaza is, well, chaotic. There are two cataquacks positioned right where the shortest route would be. There are two woodboxes at the mouth of when you are leaving. Also, there is a hole at the top left corner, where cataquacks could chase you into.


Version History

Version Date of release Information
Design v1.0 ≤ 2012-09-23
  • Original design
Design v1.1 ≤ 2012-09-23
  • Added turbopad before first mushroom, and another after the bottom square
  • Added the second mushroom
  • Removed hole in bottom square
  • Added pillars
Alpha v1.0 2013-03-01
  • Now running on Wii, but with major texture problems
  • Added a shortcut at the bottom and a plaza at the bottom left corner
  • Removed both mushrooms, and replaced the first one with a jump ramp
  • Fixed minor KCL and KMP problems
  • Added required files
Beta v1.0 2013-03-04
  • Fixed texture loading problem and KMP problem
  • Now drivable, but AI routes, Item routes, and Checkpoints still have problems
  • Some walls are solid, but some just make the effect and sound, and can be passed through
Beta v1.1 2013-03-05
  • Fixed minor KMP problems
  • Ramps are now trickable
  • All walls are solid
  • Lowered the bottom left plaza
  • Added some small things throughout the track
Beta v1.2 2013-03-05
  • Added trick ramps at start
  • Added shortcut after pillar plaza
  • Added multiplayer version
v1.0 2013-03-09
  • Fixed Checkpoints
  • Fixed CPU and Item routes
  • Fixed some jump ramps
v1.1 2013-03-10
  • Changed the shortcut after the pillar plaza
  • Added cataquacks and wood boxes in the chaos plaza
  • Added a hot air balloon in the center of the track
  • Changed boost shortcut to make it easier when using a mushroom
  • Fixed under ramp shortcut so walls are visible
  • Added water splash effect
v1.1.1 2013-03-13
  • Added stars in Outer Space
  • Fixed the ability to do tricks in the shortcut after Pillar Plaza
v1.2 2013-04-6
  • Fixed minor KCL bugs
  • Fixed minor AI route problems

Custom Track Distributions

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