Speed & Lap Modifier Tool

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Speed & Lap Modifier Tool
Creator: Crile, Wiimm
File Formats:
Version: v1.0

This is a simple GUI for Wiimm's Lap & Speed Modifier in WSZST. v1.32a or later of Wiimms SZS Tools is required.



Version History

Version 1.0

This tool makes it easier to increase speed or change the amount of laps in a track (This only works when CTGP or CTT are enabled on a real wii). You can change the speed up to 3.0×. If higher or lower speed values are needed, contact Crile, but for now, 3.0× is enough for this tool, because the author is unsure if a higher value is possible.

Version 2.0

If possible, more laps and higher speed values will be added.