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|ko=우주 로드
|ko=우주 로드
|pt=Estrada Espacial
|pt=Estrada Espacial
|ru=Космический дорога
|ru=Космическая дорога
|es=Senda Espacial
|es=Senda Espacial
|el=Διαστημικός Δρόμος
|el=Διαστημικός Δρόμος

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Space Road (kHacker35000vr)
Author: kHacker35000vr
Version: RC4
Date of latest version: 2011-11-22
Editors used: Paint, SZS Modifier


The race starts at the end of the coloured walls in front of a jump. After the jump, there's a road with an Earth texture, which was kept even in its transition over Moonview Highway. The road splits up in a part with boosts and a part with a bounce platform. After that is a very large ramp. There follows a double bounce and a part with walls.


RC1 VS Race

Version History

Version Date of release Information
Beta Model finished, KMP mostly done
RC1 2010-01-18 KMP bugs fixed
RC2 2010-01-22 Added fall boundary and the cars are invisible now
RC3 2010-02-27 Added walls (date = first time seen in CTGP)
RC4 2011-11-22 Fixed the ultra shortcut, minor fixes
v1.0 Some time
  • Complete new KMP
  • Boost isn't a fast-trick anymore
  • New objects to add some challenge
  • Minor model edits

Custom Track Distributions

This track is part of the following Custom Track Distributions:

Names in Other Languages

Dutch: Ruimtebaan
French: Route Spaciale
German: Weltraumstraße
Italian: Strada Spaziale
Japanese: スペースロード
Korean: 우주 로드
Portuguese: Estrada Espacial
Russian: Космическая дорога
Spanish: Senda Espacial
Greek: Διαστημικός Δρόμος
Polish: Kosmiczna Droga
Finnish: Avaruustie
Swedish: Rymdbanan
Czech: Vesmírná cesta
Danish: Rumbanen
By the same author: kHacker35000vr