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A big problem that often occurs during KMP setting is put points in specific places or give them an order; these problems can be solved thanks to the tool for Google SketchUp Point Gadget.

This tutorial will show how to place points, get a list and import that list in KMP Cloud; the example shows the objects dokan_sfc placed at the centre of six hexagons, but it works also with all the others types of points (Start points, Respawns, Route points…).

Step 1: Shoot points

From the Plug-in menu of SketchUp select Point Gadget, from there Shoot Points and place how many points you want and where you want; at the end you should see something like shown in the picture.

An example track with points placed.

Step 2: Get the list

To get the list of points placed and their coordinates just select Point Gadget and Point Report.

The list generated by Point Report.

Step 3: Copy, paste and switch

Now you have to copy and paste the list to a Microsoft Word document as shown in the picture; CLEAR SELECTION, Type, PointID and Feature columns are useless and they must be cancelled; now substitute all dots with commas and switch Y and Z columns.

Select, copy and paste.

Step 4: Define object and paste

In KMP Cloud create one point of what you want (in this case the object dokan_sfc), then go back to the Microsoft Word document and cut the coordinates as shown in the Picture 1; now in KMP Cloud select the three coordinates of the point you defined (like in the Picture 2) and paste them with CTRL+V: the result is shown in the Picture 3; now delete the point you defined at the beginning.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Step 5: Scale

In KMP Cloud coordinates are switched from SketchUp (for this we switched Y and Z columns), but the Z column is also symmetrized, so the signs of all values need to be changed; this problem can be easily solved using the Scale option of KMP Cloud: with the right clicking select Scale and set these values as shown in the picture: 1, 1, -1.

Scale with these three values.

Step 6: Test in game

The procedure is ended, now you only have to save and test in game if everything is correct; the picture shows the result of this tutorial.

Objects are perfectly placed as we wanted.