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| {{youtube-box|green|pgdEp51mPoI|Version 1 (RC1), presentation}}
| {{youtube-box|green|pgdEp51mPoI|Version 1 (RC1), presentation}}
| {{youtube-box|green|7TlwuVzSpQc|Version 1 (RC2), online}}
| {{youtube-box|green|7TlwuVzSpQc|Version 1 (RC2), online}}
| {{youtube-box|green|CnB763ufLME|Version 1 (v1.4),on Dolphin
| {{youtube-box|green|CnB763ufLME|Version 1 (v1.4),on Dolphin}}
| {{youtube-box||Oq_lBFAhOuQ|Version 2 (RC1), offline}}
| {{youtube-box||Oq_lBFAhOuQ|Version 2 (RC1), offline}}

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Snowy Circuit v2
Creator: Putinas
Designer: Putinas
Version: v2.2
Video: YouTube
Download: MediaFire
Snowy Circuit v1
Creator: Putinas
Designer: Putinas
Version: v1.4
Video: YouTube
Download: Google Drive


Putinas created the first version in April 2011. This first version have many problems with lagging and ultra short cuts. He tried to fix all the bugs, but he can't. Then Putinas decided to recreate the track. Version 2 was released in November 2011.

Known Bugs in v1.0

  • Minimap is incomplete (fixed in v1.RC2).
  • Trees are unsolid (fixed in v1.RC2).
  • Start position is to high (fixed in v1.RC2).
  • Two arrows are upside (fixed in v1.RC2).
  • Slow Motion Bug (fixed in v1.4).

Known Bugs in v2.0

  • Ultra short cut (fixed in v2.1).
  • Bullet Bill (and also red shells) drive into rocks (fixed in v2.2).
  • Glitch short cut?. Here


Version 1 (RC1), presentation
Version 1 (RC2), online
Version 1 (v1.4),on Dolphin
Version 2 (RC1), offline
Version 2 (RC2), online

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.RC1 2011-04-09 Release
v1.RC2 2011-09-09 Try to fix different bugs.
v1.RC3 2012-02-11 optimized KMP, new KCL and specially model for split screen (by AndyK)
v1.4 2013-04-30 Hotfixes by Torran:
  • [add] Invisible walls.
  • [fix] Remodeled course model to resolve Slow Motion Bug caused by extremely large number of polygons.
    As a consequence, a split-screen version is no longer necessary.
v2.0 2011-09-09 Complete new re-creation of the track. (by Putinas)
v2.1 2012-01-08 Ultra short cut removed by editing the mandatory check points. (by Wiimm)
v2.2 2012-01-15 Item route edited. (by Wiimm)

Custom Track Distributions

This track is part of the following Custom Track Distributions:

Names in Other Languages

The translated names for this track as they appear in CTGP Revolution:

Language Track Name
Dutch Sneeuwcircuit
French Circuit Enneigé
German Schneepiste
Italian Circuito Nevoso
Japanese スノーウィサーキット
Spanish Circuito Nevado
Greek Χιονισμένη Πίστα
Portuguese Circuito Nevado
Polish Snieżna Trasa