Six King Labyrinth

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Six King Labyrinth
Author: MrBean35000vr, Chadderz
Version: v1.2
Release date: 2012-06-04
Editors used:
WBZ files:
Download: Wiimms WBZ
Six King Labyrinth
Creator: IEF◇Spyro, MK Mier
Designer: MrBean35000vr, Chadderz, Toxic Prime
Version: v2.0
Release date: 2019-??-??
Editors used:
WBZ files:


As the name suggests, Six King Labyrinth is a large castle with a maze-like layout. There are many different routes to take, but they all end outside the castle and then loop back to the entrance. It was the inspiration for a t-shirt designed by MrBean35000vr, as seen here.


Toxic Prime remade the track after getting permission from MrBean35000vr. IEF◇Spyro is fixing a problem with the walls and making the KCL, while MK Mier is making the KMP, BRRES, and animations. It now resembles Dawn Township in terms of visuals, but the main difference is the labyrinth system. The first lap goes through the shorter route to the left, while the second lap goes through the longer route to the right, so it’s a 2 lap track. Racers also start on the ground instead of a platform in the sky.


Beta Online Race (2:27)

Version History

Version Date of release Information
Beta 2011-03-01 First release
Beta 2 2011-04 Second release (found in CtocKartWii 3.0)
v1.0 2011-06-14 Update by AndyK:
  • Minor fixes.
v1.1 2012-05-18 Fourth release
v1.2 2012-06-04 Update by Wiimm:
  • Improved item routes.
v2.0 2019-??-?? Remake by Toxic Prime, IEF◇Spyro, and MK Mier.

Known Bugs

  • Slow Motion Bug: when playing 2-player split screen offline with computer drivers enabled, but the problem is less severe when playing split screen online or without computer drivers.
Slow Motion Bug

Custom Track Distributions

This track is part of the following Custom Track Distributions:

Names in Other Languages

Dutch: Labyrint der Zes Koningen
French: Labyrinthe des Six Rois
German: Sechs-Königs-Labyrinth
Italian: Labirinto dei Sei Re
Japanese: シックスキングラビリンス
Korean: 여섯 왕의 미로
Portuguese: Labirinto dos Seis Reis
Russian: Лабиринт шести королей
Spanish: Laberinto de los Seis Reyes
Greek: Λαβύρνθος Έξι Βασιλιάδων
Polish: Labitynt Sześciu Króli
Finnish: Kuuden kuninkaan labyrintti
Swedish: Sex Kungarnas Labyrint
Czech: Labyrint Šesti Králů
Danish: Seks Kongernes Labyrint