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! Checkpoints !! Respawns
! Checkpoints !! Respawns
| {{Colored-tab-status|0|#00FF00|100%}} || {{Colored-tab-status|0|#00FF00|100%}}
| {{Colored-tab-status|0|#30FF00|90%}} || {{Colored-tab-status|0|#00FF00|100%}}
! rowspan=2 align=left| Objects
! rowspan=2 align=left| Objects

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Seaside Resort
Creator: LuigiM
Designer: LuigiM
Release date:
Editors used: Google Sketchup 8, 3DS Max, Paint-Net, SZS Modifier, SZS Tools, Brawlbox, KMP Cloud

Seaside Resort is a Custom Track by LuigiM.
It will contain professional stuff like Animations, Shadows, good Cameras and other stuff.
This is the first Custom Track which doesn't end at the beginning!


All these pics are outdated!

Creating List

Seaside Resort features:

  • Shadows and other special colorings
  • Animations
  • Mipmap-effects
  • Underwater-parts
  • Better Texture Mapping
  • Multi-Channel features
Model Modelling Little Details Shadows
100% 100% 100%
Brres Animations Specials
100% 100%
KCL KCL-Model course.kcl
100% 100%
Routes Enemy Routes Item Routes
99% 100%
Checkpoints Checkpoints Respawns
90% 100%
Objects Positioning Object Routes Custom Objects
30% 0% 0%
Camera Opening Pans Replay Cameras
0% 0%
Final Stuff Posteffect change Multi-Channel accept
99% 99%

Version History

Version Date of release Information
Beta unknown Beta for finding glitches
v1.0 unknown Fixed all Glitches

Thanks to

  • Conner Bosley
    • for finding a good Underwater-wall texture
  • Tock
    • for giving me a more functional Obj Exporter
  • WorldsBoss
    • for retuxturing my Seaplant-texture
    • for many other ideas he gave me

Custom Track Distributions

This track is part of the following Custom Track Distributions:

  • (none)
By the same author: LuigiM

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