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m (Creating List)
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! Modelling !! Little Details !! Shadows
! Modelling !! Little Details !! Shadows
| {{Colored-tab-status|0|#10FF00|98%}} || {{Colored-tab-status|0|#A0FF00|60%}} || {{Colored-tab-status|0|#30FF00|90%}}
| {{Colored-tab-status|0|#10FF00|98%}} || {{Colored-tab-status|0|#10FF00|98%}} || {{Colored-tab-status|0|#00FF00|99%}}
! rowspan=2 align=left| Brres
! rowspan=2 align=left| Brres

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Seaside Resort
Creator: LuigiM
Designer: LuigiM
Date of latest version:
Editors used:

Seaside Resort is a Custom Track by LuigiM. For this Custom Track are some variants like a Jungle-Part planned for making it a real Resort.
It will contain professional stuff like Animations, Shadows, good Cameras and other stuff. I hope you will like it.


Creating List

Seaside Resort features:

  • Shadows and other special colorings
  • Animations
  • Mipmap-effects
  • Underwater-parts
  • Better Texture Mapping
  • Multi-Channel features
Model Modelling Little Details Shadows
98% 98% 99%
Brres Animations Specials
0% 0%
KCL KCL-Model course.kcl
0% 0%
Routes Enemy Routes Item Routes
0% 0%
Objects Positioning Object Routes Custom Objects
0% 0% 0%
Camera Opening Pans Replay Cameras
0% 0%
Final Stuff Posteffect change Multi-Channel accept
0% 0%

Version History

Version Date of release Information
Beta unknown maybe no Beta
v1.0 unknown Fixed all Glitches

Thanks to

  • Conner Bosley
    • for finding a good Underwater-wall texture
  • Tock
    • for giving me a more functional Obj Exporter
  • WorldsBoss
    • for retuxturing my Seaplant-texture
    • for many other ideas he gave me

Custom Track Distributions

This track is part of the following Custom Track Distributions:

  • (none)
By the same author: LuigiM

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