SNES Rainbow Road (DasFragezeichen & Tock)

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SNES Rainbow Road
Author: Nintendo/DasFragezeichen/Tock
Designer: Nintendo/DasFragezeichen/Tock
Version: 1.0
Video: YouTube
Download: MediaFire


Track: SNES Rainbow Road
Release: 08.01.08
Model Creator: DasFragezeichen
Textur Mapping: Tock
KMP: Tock
KCL: Tock
Filesize: 248
rainbow_course.szs info: with AIParam (faster CPUs)
rainbow_course2.szs info: without AIParam (normal CPUs)


RC1 (Tock and DasFragezeichen)

Version History

Version Date of release Information
RC1 2011-09-30 First Release to get into the CTGP-R.
Version 1.0 2012-01-08 Positionbug fix

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