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* [[Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2011-11]] (v1.0)
* [[Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2011-11]] (v1.0)
* [[Wiimms Mario Kart Retro 2014-02]] (v2.1)
* [[Wiimms Mario Kart Retro 2014-02]] (v2.1)

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This article is about DasFragezeichen and Tock's port of the retro track SNES Rainbow Road. For other ports of the same name by different authors, see »SNES Rainbow Road«.
SNES Rainbow Road (DasFragezeichen & Tock)
Author: DasFragezeichen, Tock
Version: v2.1
Release date: 2013-10-01
Editors used:
Download: MediaFire


This version is scaled to match the SNES version and features texture mapping nearly identical to the original SNES version. Now since v2.0, the track has been updated to feature coins, but only as decorations, since you can't really collect them outside of Coin Runners. The Thowmps make a return as enemies. Nyan Cat[1] is referenced in the background.


Part Contributor
Model DasFragezeichen, Tock
Texture Mapping Tock
KMP Tock
KCL Tock



Version History

Version Date of release Information
RC1 2011-09-30 First release for CTGP
v1.0 2012-01-08 Positionbug fix
v2.0 2013-03-03 3D Update and Nyan Cat and Tac Nayn joined the Mario Kart Universe.
v2.1 2013-10-01 Removed Tac Nyan temporarily due to him being the cause of a very unusual freeze

Custom Track Distributions

This track is part of the following Custom Track Distributions:


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QH2-TGUlwu4