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* [[SNES Ghost Valley 3 (Björn)]]
* [[SNES Ghost Valley 3 (Björn)]]
* [[SNES Ghost Valley 3 (James)]]
* [[SNES Ghost Valley 3 (James)]]
* [[SNES Ghost Valley 3 (Omonimo747)]]: in progress
* [[SNES Ghost Valley 3 (Omonimo747)]]
=Names in Other Languages=
=Names in Other Languages=

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Ghost Valley 3 is a retro race course from Super Mario Kart. It is the third track of the Special Cup. It later reappeared in the Extra Cups of Mario Kart: Super Circuit, along with all the other SNES courses.

Original Version

Currently, there are two remakes available, and another one in progress:

Names in Other Languages

Dutch: SNES Spookvallei 3
French: SNES Vallée Fantôme 3
German: SNES Geistertal 3
Italian: SNES Valle fantasma 3
Japanese: SFC おばけぬま3
Korean: SFC 유령의 늪3
Portuguese: SNES Vale Fantasma 3
Russian: SNES Долина привидений 3
Spanish: SNES Valle Fantasmal 3 (NTSC)
SNES Valle Fantasma 3 (PAL)
Greek: SNES Κοιλάδα Φαντασμάτων 3
Polish: SNES Dolina Duchów 3
Finnish: SNES Aavelaakso 3
Swedish: SNES Spökdalen 3
Czech: SNES Údolí Duchů 3
Danish: SNES Spøgelsesdalen 3