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{{youtube-box|blue left|vT_BQSe8oKg| RC1}}
{{youtube-box|blue left|M0EOlI2-Q7s| RC2 (Offline)}}
{{youtube-box|blue left|Cdpm5GLiLXA| RC2}}
{{youtube-box|blue left|Cdpm5GLiLXA| RC2 (Online)}}
==Version History==
==Version History==

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Retro Raceway
Creator: Wiimaster35000vr, Björn and LuigiM
Designer: Björn and LuigiM
Version: RC2
Date of latest version: 2012-01-11
Editors used: Blender, Sketchup, 3ds Max, SZS Modifier, SZS Tools, BrawlBox, Paint.NET
Download: rapidshare.com

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Things Made by
Model Björn
Decorations, Shadows, etc. LuigiM
Brres LuigiM
KMP Wiimaster35000vr
KCL LuigiM


RC2 (Offline)
RC2 (Online)

Version History

Version Date of release Information
RC1 2012-09-04
  • Initial release.
RC2 2013-01-11
  • Vertex colors
  • Mip map removed
  • Sign texture changed
  • better respawns
  • better boost animation
  • Lens flare added

Thanks to

  • SpyKid
    • for helping with the respawn error

Custom Track Distributions

Names in Other Languages

Language Track Name
Dutch Retro Racebaan
French Autodrome Retro
German Retro Rennpiste
Italian Pista Nostalgica
Japanese レトロレースウェイ
Korean 레트로 레이스 웨이
Spanish Pista Retro
Greek Πίστα Ρέτρο
Portuguese Pista Retro
Polish Retrasa
Finnish Retrokilpatie
Swedish Retroracerbanan
Czech -


By the same author: LuigiM

Custom Tracks:
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