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{{Misc-Info |name= Rainbow Runway |creator= Aidan190903, ANoob |designer= Aidan190903 |version= 1.0 |date of release= 21/01/2019 |editors used= |wbz-id= |download 1= https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ld4QnmpiG-AXHE_POJZYbxJdmnY2wdPV


This custom track is heavily based upon WII Rainbow Road and has been made playable between myself and ANoob. In the future a V2 could be created, including new textures, new mushrooms, an update to the difficult shortcut, making it quicker and more accessible and less difficult. If any model changes that could be suggested, please contact the author on Discord or Youtube

Also, this track is best placed over Slot 4.4 - AKA - Rainbow Road


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