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! Information
! Information
| [https://drive.google.com/file/d/17bJp9U8VLy6daLKoKH4NwFwwArchVOXr v1.45]
| [https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MmGIbXtbQLWKDM52-1sXT-UQSyzPySBx v1.45]
| 2021-07-05
| 2021-07-05

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This article is about the successor. For the predecessor, see OptPack Custom Track Pack.
Author: Optllizer
Type: Riivolution, ISO Patcher
Tracks: 356
Supported regions: NTSC-U, PAL, NTSC-J
Version: v1.56
Date of latest version: 2021-09-12
Discord server: OptPack Discord
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OptPack is Optllizer's third custom track distribution. It has 356 custom tracks within 89 cups. This is a distribution that was created by the author to replace OptPack Custom Track Pack. This replacement took from March to August 2020 with the help of friends to test and make sure it was ready for release. The author felt that since he remade the distribution from scratch with LE-CODE, he thought it would be a good idea to start from the beginning. TTs Online has been added as an additional game mode.


  • Sander Lantin (Sain), for help creating most of the code for the updater.
  • That One Atlas, for help with other fixes for the updater.
  • Bad Wolf, for fixing issues with version control.
  • Degaso, for the ISO builder.
  • Krash, for optimizing music and helping changing track slots.
  • Ice, for allowing Feathers to be used in Time Trials.


This distribution has a Homebrew updater. This will be the main way to update for now on, without having to remove your SD card.


OptPack Lounge Events are designed to give a competitive spin to OptPack for those that are interested. They will function very similarly to mogis with a much more simplified set of rules.


v1.41 Shortcut Video
v1.21 Shortcut Video
v1.0 Shortcut Video


The track listing can be found here.

Game Features

Game Features
Feature Author Information
Custom Track Worldwide XeR Play online in rooms with custom tracks. The latest version of the patch required for online play.
Wiimmfi Wiimm, Leseratte Support to play on a custom server has been added as a replacement to Nintendo WFC.
Wi-Fi Time Limit Expansion Chadderz This distribution makes a modification to the race time limit on WFC. It has been expanded from 5 minutes to 5:40, allowing longer tracks to be entered and played through to completion. The Nintendo servers have a hard limit of 5:56 before they disconnect everyone, so it is impractical to increase the time beyond 5:40, as the time advances even when looking at leaderboards. If 5:40 is reached, the pack forces you past the leaderboards quickly to avoid disconnection.
Custom Menu System Chadderz This distribution makes use of custom menus to load custom course slots. The cup selection menu is modified with two buttons featuring arrows to the left and right of the main cups. When selected, these buttons cause the current on-screen cup buttons to be replaced with other cups, including custom cups, creating a scrolling menu system. All custom tracks are stored inside custom cups.
Change Characters Between Races MrBean35000vr When in online play, the player's character, vehicle and drift mode choice may be changed between races by pressing + on the Wii Remote (or Start on the GCN Controller) when on the VR screen. This simply takes the player back to the character select menu, and then returns them to the vote when they have reselected. If the time limit expires, the currently selected options are taken.
Wi-Fi Timer Chadderz The countdown timer on the Wi-Fi voting screen is always shown now, rather than just when you're about to run out of time. This can give you a better idea of how long you have to make a decision when voting. The time allocated is 30 seconds.
Lap Count Modifier Geeh, MrEvil A track can have between one and eight laps.
Draggable Blue Shells MrBean35000vr Blue Shells can now be held behind you like Red and Green Shells. They will explode on contact, but not hurt the player. They can be used to protect against other items being shot from behind, but if wheelie-bumped while holding a blue shell behind you it will fall away and disappear. Only one Blue Shell can exist at once, so even when it is held out behind you it will be impossible for anyone else to get one from an item box.
Force Speed Class XeR You now can force any speed class in any room. You must be the host in the room for this to work.
Remove Thunder Clouds Vega This will remove all Thunder Clouds from the game.
First 8 Cups Filter Leseratte This will remove all Nintendo tracks from Regionals.
Extended Regions Atlas This will show most regions of the world on the globe.
Mii Heads on Minimap JoshuaMK This will show Miis on the minimap.
Speedometer stebler This will show a speedometer button right of the screen.
TTs Online Melg This is a mode that has Time Trials online.
Automatic BRSAR Patching Elias_ The revo_kart.brsar file will now be automatically patched to prevent music from cutting off mid-race.
Disable Music Diamond This is a feature that patches your game to disable music, but still hear sound effects from the game.
No Bullet Bill Icon Anarion You can get more than one item while in a Bullet Bill.
Force Battle Bug/Glitch XeR Names will be seen from far away due to battles name visibility.
Don't Hide Position After Race MrBean35000vr Prevents the game from hiding the position tracker after the race ends. Useful to instantly know your actual finishing position (which might differ due to lag).
Minimap Color Spaghetti Noppers This adds a custom color to the minimap.
No Ghost/No Flap Melg This blocks ghosts from saving and stops final lap times from saving as well.
Accurate Item Roulette CLF78 This code makes the item roulette only show items you can actually get. Works both online and offline.
Track Music Expander CLF78 Different music can be applied for each track (including Nintendo tracks) on CT-CODE and LE-CODE-based distributions.
Feather Item CLF78, stebler This adds the Feather as an item, which can be used to trick off the ground and jump high in the air. It replaces the Blooper.
Feather TTs Ice This adds the Feather as an item to Time Trials. You have three Feathers to complete a track as fast as you can.
All Items Can Land MrBean35000vr This code makes it so every item – with the exception of a Thunder Cloud – can land on the floor when dropped and activate when a racer drives over it (e.g. Mega Mushrooms, Lightning, etc.). Item effects are identical to if the user actually fired the item themselves.

Version History

v1.0 – v1.41

Show text

v1.45 – v1.55

Version Date of release Information
v1.45 2021-07-05
v1.46 2021-07-09
  • Updated Sunset Sewer to its newest version (v1.1).
  • Updated Jungle Jives to v1.0.opt2.
  • Updated Volcano Beach 2 to v2.1.opt2.
  • Updated DS Mario Circuit to v5.0.night2.
  • Updated In a Days to its newest version (v1.0-fix).
  • Fixed TTs Online region error.
  • Optimized file size.
v1.5 2021-08-01
v1.55 2021-09-01
v1.56 2021-09-12
  • Replaced SNES Mario Circuit 1 with Wacky Waterworks.
  • There are now three Feathers in Time Trials instead of one.
By the same author: Optllizer

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