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The original track files must be extracted from a Mario Kart Wii disk image (ISO). There are several tools that can do this:

  • Dolphin (Windows)
    It's an Windows tool that allow interactivity to extract or modify files within a war ISO image.
  • WiiScrubber (Windows)
    It's an Windows tool that allow interactivity to extract or modify files within a war ISO image.
  • wit, wwt and wfuse (tools of Wiimms ISO Tools, available for Linux, Mac and Windows)
    The tools are can list, extract, modify, compose and manipulate ISO images in different file formats (iso, ciso, wbfs, wdf, wia, fst).

How to obtain a Mario Kart Wii ISO:

  • use any homebrew application which is capable of ripping original Wii games directly on your Wii
  • rip it with an LG drive and Raw dump 2.0 on your computer, working drives are LG-GDR8161, 8162, 8163 and 8164

Any other way to obtain a Mario Kart Wii ISO is illegal!

Getting Track Models

  1. Extract the SZS Using Dolphin, WiiScrubber, or Wiimms ISO Tools.
  2. Open your SZS with CTools's SZS Explorer or use Wiimms SZS Tools and use the command wszst extract --all my.szs.
  3. Export the track's course_model.brres and save to your documents. (Not needed if using Wiimms SZS Tools.)
  4. Open your course_model.brres with BRRES Viewer 1.3.1 (Download)
  5. In the box on the left, your file should pop up after you import it. Click the little plus sign and the folders for the models, textures, and animations should be there. Click the plus sign for the folder that the model is in. Right click on the model you want to export and click "Load". Your model should pop up in the big window. Export as an OBJ.
  6. Open Sketchup or 3ds Max. Import the OBJ. If you are using Sketchup, use this importer. You got your model now! This works for any Wii games that use U8 archives. This also works for extracting the models of "new" custom tracks.

Exporting Textures From Tracks

  1. Extract the SZS using your preferred tool.
  2. Open the SZS with SZS Explorer
  3. Open the BRRES file that has the textures that you want
  4. Find the texture on the side bar in the BRRES Editor.
  5. Click the floppy disc icon in the bottom right corner and save the texture.
  6. Import into Sketchup or 3ds Max for your track OR you can use it for your texture hack.