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The Nintendo 3DS is a video game handheld console made by Nintendo, as the successor to the Nintendo DS/DSi (it has beckwards compatibility with those too). It was released between February 26 and March 31, 2011, depending on the region (Japan 2/26, EU 3/25, N. America 3/27, and AU 3/31). It was unveiled at E3 2010 (6/15/2010).

It could display 3D images iwthout the use of special glasses.

Other features added were Streetpass, Spotpass, Miiverse (later discontinued).

The 3DS XL, with a 90% larger screen, was released between July 28 and August 23, 2012, depending on the region (Japan/EU 7/28, N. America 8/19, AU 8/23).

Combined sales totals for the 3DS family are 72.53 million, with the bestselling game (Mario Kart 7) selling 17.04 million copies.

The latest firmware is 11.6.0, with many homebrew exploits still left usable such as DSiWare injection, Flashcarts and Hardmods. 3DS Homebrew can be used to get custom tracks for Mario Kart 7, using CTGP-7.