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Author: Huili
Type: Riivolution
Current Version: v5.0
Date of Latest Version: 2016-10-04
Download: Down temporarily


This is Huili's first character Distribution which will also be used in the MKW Hack Pack. A few things to keep in mind are the following:

  • Full sets of character hacks come first for all the characters in the Riivolution XML, followed by single characters. Both come alphabetically according to character.
  • If you're going to be using this character pack for time trials, you can enable all character options, because you're only using one character at a time.
  • It is recommended that any character file with a size of 250kB should NOT be used online.
  • After doing some research on clean Mario Kart Wii characters, Huili has found that the biggest single player character is 177kb. the farther you get from that kb, the likeliness that your Wii will blackscreen increases. So please, DO NOT enable a lot of characters.


MKW Character Pack Official Test 1
MKW Character Pack Official Test 2
MKW Character Pack Official Test 3
MKW Character Pack Official Test 4
MKW Character Pack Official Test 5
MKW Character Pack Official Test 6

Version History

Version Date of release Information
Beta 2014-09-01 Initial release
Beta 2 2014-09-04
Beta 3 2014-09-15
  • [add] Lemmy Koopa, Yoshi characters and Koopa Troopa on Hovercraft
  • [add] MKW Hack Pack folder to the download
Beta 4 2014-09-22
Beta 5 2014-09-29
Beta 6 2014-11-20
v1.0 2014-12-17
  • [add] 774 different Riivolution folders/options
  • [add] 100+ different Funky textures/models
  • [add] 1GB of character hacks
  • [add] Lots of kdjungle's models
  • [add] Different sections to the Riivolution xml, 4 different pages
v2.0 2015-01-30
  • [add] At least 800 characters
  • [remove] Any unresolved issues, depending on how bad it is.
  • [change] The order of options in Riivolution to make the characters alphabetical, according to full sets and single sets.
  • [rename] Character folders for easier navigation.
  • [add] Allkart folder
v3.0 2015-03-24
  • [add] 1000 character options
  • [add] Lots of model swaps Huili made
  • [add] 200 Funky Textures/models.
  • [remove] Battle textures
  • [rename] Character folders
  • [remove] Allkart folder
v3.1 2015-04-18
v3.2 2015-06-22
  • [re-upload] to Google Drive
  • [add] about 30 character folders/options
v4.0 2015-11-29
  • [add] Over 1100 options
  • [add] Atlas Kart Wii characters
v5.0 2016-10-04
  • [add] Over 1200 folders/options
v6.0 2017-??-??
  • [fix] All code dumps in Riivolution
  • [add] Over 1400 character folders/options
  • [alphabetize] Each character option in riivolution
  • [remove] Unnecessary lines of code, extra characters.
  • [remove] Sections from the xml, leaving only one section.
  • [remove] the page for Complete Character sets by giving each character it's own folder and it's own coding in the riivolution xml.
  • [remove] All multiplayer custom character files ending in _2.szs and _4.szs.
  • [remove] Duplicate files
  • [remove] Quacker Packer, Baby Booster edit, Disco Funky on UFO, Diddy on Rambi, and various other options.
  • [add] New folders for characters that had more than 1 file in them, excluding characters that have a character over all vehicles.
  • [add] New option: Mii Outfit A and B are now diffeent options instead of just 1 option together.
  • [reduce] Pack's filezize: Now under 1GB.
By the same author: Huili

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