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This is a list of Mario Kart Wii tracks in which the gameplay of the track has been changed. Objects and items might be added or removed, the AI or routes altered, or collision setting changed, creating a different gameplay experience from the original. Unlike Texture Hacks, these levels are not compatible as replacements of the original Nintendo tracks for online play. See the List of Texture Hacked Tracks for levels in which only the textures and theme have been changed.

Title Base Author
3DS Rainbow Road GCN Waluigi Stadium SpyKid
Bowser's Ice Palace 2 GBA Bowser Castle 3 ALPHAMARIOX
Dry Dry Lake N64 Sherbet Land igorseabra4
Lee's SNES Battle Course 4 SNES Battle Course 4 ALPHAMARIOX
Sunsetway SNES Mario Circuit 3 mkwjason
TRON Circuit Mario Circuit JJMaC 047
Mushroom Desert Mushroom Gorge BrawlerJesse