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| [[Oasis Hills (DS Desert Hills Texture)|Oasis Hills]]
| [[Oasis Hills (DS Desert Hills Texture)|Oasis Hills]]
| Betelrama
| Betelrama
| [[Snowy Hills (DS Desert Hills Texture)|Snowy Hills]]
| Gir
| [[Snowy Hills (DS Desert Hills Texture)|Snowy Hills]]
| [[Snowy Hills (DS Desert Hills Texture)|Snowy Hills]]

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For new texture hacks, place hack with proper track using this formula:

[[Luigi's Allistarr Circuit (Luigi Circuit Texture)|Luigi's Allistarr Circuit]]

This is because there are many texture hacks, some might have double names, names of other tracks, names of other custom tracks or no name.

And also alphabitize the hacks, like the others, to minimize confusion.

This is the list of all the texture hacked tracks made for Mario Kart Wii. Please note that this list might not always be 100% current and complete, since new texture hacked tracks are always being created and some of them don't get attention from the community.

Mushroom Cup

Luigi Circuit

Title Author
Ancient Ruins NinYoda1
Beginner's Track marionose1
Bikini Bottom Tylerr
Blue Luigi Circuit Chillabell AMV
Dark Circuit CaronHT
Darky Circuit DarkyBenji
Frozen Circuit Frax
Golden Luigi Circuit Midowned01
GrayL Circuit Mikeypr98
Green Circuit JorisMKW
Heavenly Path JJMaC 047
Icy Luigi Circuit MarioPower55
Koopa Troopa Circuit Crile
Luigi's Allistarr Circuit Linkx2
Luigi Arena NinYoda1
Luigi's Boardwalk Roxer9000
Luigi Circuit at Night Betelrama
Luigi's Country Park marionose1
Luigi's Desert TheKoopTroop
Luigi's Evening Circuit Lightnin09
Luigi's Galaxy SuperMario979
Luigi's Galaxy Circuit UgotHacked35000vr
Luigi's Ice Road Linkx2
Luigi's Island NinYoda1
Luigi's Neon Raceway Guilmon35249vr
Luigi's Snowboard Raceway SpyKid
Luigi's Spaceship MrRockMan888
Luigi's Volcano Raceway MrBean35000vr
Lunar Circuit masterkirbyxd
Meteor Circuit musicperson543
Midnight Raceway xSpade24
Molten Mine NinYoda1
Mr. L Circuit BrawlerJesse
Night in Luigi Circuit nico74nico74
Nightmare Run JJMaC 047
Nightmare Run xSpade24
Purple Circuit Darkmario957
Rainbow Luigi Circuit fishguy6564
Red Circuit saku201012299
Rollercoasting DarkyBenji
Route Gelée de Luigi HackSizer
Scary Circuit Agdor
Sonic's Seaside Circuit ShadowLuigi-NG-
Sunset Luigi Circuit AeroYoshi1
Super Mario World Torgal
Ugly Luigi Circuit neueshaus123
Untitled 1 midiman100
Untitled 2 WifiConnection1
Untitled 4 TheMKLCrew
Untitled 5 4IT-Lecce
Untitled 6 shiney570
Vanity Circuit CrazyManRick
Wario Circuit masterkirbyxd
Warp Run Teknik & Houbi
Write to be Persued Course HappyIei

Moo Moo Meadows

Title Author
Blue Moo Moo Meadows MrRockman888
Bianco Hills Sankyu
Desert Farm NinYoda1
Dinosaur Jungle NinYoda1
Disco Meadows MrKoeikoei
Emerald Hill TheOnlyStickboy
Fire Bro Hills marionose1
Fire Meadows Speedieddie
Fluttering Dunes Tylerr
Golden Farm MarioPower55
Golden Meadows 4DR FireRach
Hell Farm masterkirbyxd
Ice Cream Land UgotHacked35000vr
Ice Ice Meadows Tim007UWB
Lunar Path JorisMKW
Mad Cow Meadows Roobitz
Metal Meadows Wrath19001
Midnight Meadows Betelrama
Moo Moo Caverns DarkyBenji
Moo Moo Desert Maschell
Moo Moo Desert nico74nico74
Peach Castle NinYoda1
Plateau Akvivi2
Pumpkin Hill Venom45000VR
Sea Of Clouds NinYoda1
Silvergrass Farm Betelrama
Sky Farm Alex
Snow Capped Meadows M&SG
Strange Meadows NoHack2Win
Teal Meadows CrazyManRick
Touhou Meadows Lightnin09
Troll Farm XG0m3rMKx & Nato
Untitled 1 neueshaus123
Untitled 2 XG0m3rMKx
Untitled 3 xRoyal64
Untitled 4 NinSonic12345vr
Untitled 5 4IT-Lecce
Untitled 6 Peido da Noite
Volcanic Farm darkmario957
Volcanic Shore xSpade24
Weird Weird Meadows midiman100
White Moo Moo Road HappyIei
Wonderland Icy and Destiney 13131vr

Mushroom Gorge

Title Author
Alien Gorge Betelrama
B&W Bounce Destiney13131vr
Black n' Blue Mushroom Gorge 8forrest
Black Grass Gorge CrazyManRick
Bowser Cave SpyKid
Bowser Gorge Torn
Country Gorge DarkyBenji
Dark Gorge TheYoshi
Enchanted Gorge CrazyManRick
Fatality Gorge Darkrapht
Fire Mushroom Gorge FireRach34349vr
Fungi Canyon MKWKiwi
Gerudo Valley Flare & Nato
Gorge Legacy NinYoda1
Gorge Mountain Crile
Grey Cave Neo MarioKart
Halloween Gorge Agdor
HolliJolli Village Alex Dominguez
Humongous Fungus DarkyBenji
Ice Gorge CaronHT
Icy Mushroom Gorge musicperson543
Icy Mushroom Gorge Sane
Jellyfish Fields Tylerr
Jungle Gorge SpyKid
Midnight Gorge JorisMKW
Moonlight Gorge RisingAdversariesMKW
Mushroom Beach NinYoda1
Mushroom Desert Linkx2
Mushroom Forest Haze
Mushroom Highway Legendof8241998
Mushroom Hill DarkyBenji
Mushroom Lab masterkirbyxd
Mushroom Resort xSpade24
Mushroom Space Linkx2
Mushroom Volcano masterkirbyxd
Neon Gorge Pro*Phet & Alex
Night Gorge Fra
Night Pianta Village Sankyu
Planet Wisp DarkyBenji
Pokemongeof's Snow Gorge Pokemongeof
Raleg Race NinYoda1
Rawest Forest Thed0ra7z
Red Velvet Gorge Trav
Route 30 PurpleDasherMK
Sky Sanctuary DarkyBenji
Skyview Gorge DaLlyod
Snow Capped Mushrooms Betelrama
Snowy Gorge LeonStu
Snowy Gorge Kampel125
Snowy Gorge Shuuto
Snowy Gorge UgotHacked35000vr
Space Gorge Jamesmattjo
Sunset Canyon LeonStu
Sunset Mushroom Gorge ToadetteBrigades
Sunset Plains pareemkw03
Sunset Valley ★さoᶓ★
Underworld Space Deathanchor88
Untitled 1 midiman100
Untitled 2 NicoWK1337
Untitled 3 TomasMKW
Untitled 4 Ryan
Untitled 5 Wassup
Untitled 6 nintendocheater1001
Untitled 7 ZoomMKW
Untitled 8 ShadowLuigi-NG-
Untitled 9 MKWrocks3
Untitled 10 4IT-Lecce
Volcanic Gorge nico74nico74
Wispy Woods MrKoeikoei
Yellow Sky Mushroom Gorge M&SG

Toad's Factory

Title Author
Chemical Plant DarkyBenji
Cold Factory Betelrama
Fleet Glide Galaxy DarkyBenji
Home Depot Factory Betelrama
Koopa Factory Ugotowned35000vr
Megalo Stadium DarkyBenji
Monochrome Factory Legendof8241998
Night Toad's Factory JorisMKW
Night Island Factory SpyKid
Planet Wisp ShadowLuigi-NG-
Prison Lane DarkyBenji
Sci-Fi Factory MrKoeikoei
Security Hall DarkyBenji
Sunset Factory Super-Mario68
Toad Park SpyKid
Untitled 1 midiman100

Flower Cup

Mario Circuit

Title Author
Aura Circuit Darkmario957
Blue Vegetation Mario Circuit MrRockman888
Fire Mario Circuit Betelrama
Green World Betelrama
Mario Desert Super-Mario68
Rainbow Glow Circuit SpyKid
Redark Circuit masterkirbyxd
Rollercoasting DarkyBenji
Sleepy Circuit turbotim33
Sunset Street MrGeorge2220
Untitled 2 midiman100

Coconut Mall

Title Author
Bowser's Shop SpyKid
Coconut Palm bekker5000
Coconut Treehouse Betelrama
Darky Gallery DarkyBenji
Jungle Mall ricd61har
McDonald's Mall Radical2
Midnight Mall Darkmario957
Untitled 1 midiman100
Wario's Garage Betelrama

DK Summit

Title Author
Camelot Castle Crile
Galactic Summit Tylerr
Midnight Snowboard Cross Fra
Mudslide Summit ★さoᶓ★
Pic Plains DarkyBenji
Sandboarding Dunes ALPHAMARIOX
Sunrise Summit Flare1
Sweet Mountain DarkyBenji
Untitled 1 midiman100
Velvet Cake Summit Betelrama

Wario's Gold Mine

Title Author
Emerald Mine Betelrama
Fire Mine Tylerr
Glacier Mine Betelrama
Night Wario's Gold Mine JorisMKW
Pumpkin Hill SpyKid
Snowmine Lynx
Team Magma/Aqua's Mine ThePrimalYoshi
Untitled 1 midiman100
Wario's Ice Mine JorisMKW
Wario's Space Mine MrBean35000vr
Windy Valley DarkyBenji
Jungle Highway Ugotowned35000vr & JoshuaMKW

Star Cup

Daisy Circuit

Title Author
Bowsership Airport NinYoda1
Bullet Bill Spaceport Betelrama
Daisy Circuit at Daytime 4DR FireRach
DK's City SpyKid
Gold Water Island Betelrama
Casino Park DarkyBenji
Tropical Resort DarkyBenji
Untitled 1 midiman100
Windmill Isle Day DarkyBenji

Koopa Cape

Title Author
Blue Cape Torn
Cap Ocean DarkyBenji
Downtown Night SpyKid
Hurricane Waterslide Betelrama
Koopa Jungle SpyKid
Ocean Palace DarkyBenji
Ryoshima Coast SpyKid
Storm Surge Omega
Untitled 1 midiman100
Koopa Volcano Diaboro

Maple Treeway

Title Author
Chun-nan (Dragon Road) DarkyBenji
Forest Maze DarkyBenji
Maple Greenway mkwjason
Snow Treeway Omega
Spring Treeway Betelrama
Tall Trunk Circuit MrKoeikoei
Untitled 1 midiman100

Grumble Volcano

Title Author
2:00am Volcano Torn
Asteroide Coaster DarkyBenji
Crystal Volcano Betelrama
Draco Volcano ThePrimalYoshi
Flame Core MrKoeikoei
Grassland Resort JorisMKW
Lemon Volcano SimonCT
Untitled 2 midiman100
Volcano Ruins Cyb and Torn

Special Cup

Dry Dry Ruins

Title Author
Exotic Pyramid Ugotowned35000vr
Jungle Temple SpyKid
Martian Ruins Betelrama
Spacial Desert Deathanchor88
Untitled 1 midiman100
Venus Sand Trap Betelrama

Moonview Highway

Title Author
Abandoned Detroit Goombalaxer
City Escape DarkyBenji
Morning Sun DarkyBenji
NDA*Konata Roadway UgotHacked35000vr
Parallel World in Japanese Highway Akvivi2
Robotic Derby Betelrema
Untitled 1 midiman100

Bowser's Castle

Title Author
Bowser's Castle (Reshiram and Bronzong) ALPHAMARIOX
Bowser's Castle Course MrKoeikoei
Bowser's Galaxy Generator DarkyBenji
Bowser's Home Makeover Betelrama
Bowser's Ice Castle Destiney13131vr, KaizoGT
Crystal Chasm Omega
Peach's Castle SpyKid
Radioactive Castle Cyb, Flare1
Reshiram Palace SpyKid
Rosalina's Abandoned Castle ThePrimalYoshi
Splat Castle Tylerr
Untitled 1 midiman100

Rainbow Road

Title Author
Astro Ice Road Betelrama
Blue and Green Road TheYoshi
Bowser's Star Road ShadowLuigi-NG-
Cloud Ocean SpyKid
Darky Road DarkyBenji
Dreamscape Road FCDLuis45000vr
Distortion World Thed0ra7z
Green and Grey TheMygoshi
Heaven's Path CrazyManRick
Heaven Road DarkyBenji
Icy Road MkMaestro
Purple Cosmo Road LeonStu
Rainbow Greenroad mkwjason
Retro Road Darkmario957
Sepia Road Quajeek99
Silver Spaceway Betelrama
Starlight Carnival DarkyBenji
Thunder Road LeonStu
Untitled 1 midiman100

Shell Cup

GCN Peach Beach

Title Author
Beach Bowl Galaxy DarkyBenji
Emerald Shrine MrKoeikoei
Midnight Beach Darkmario957
Paradise Moon Betelrama
Untitled 1 midiman100

DS Yoshi Falls

Title Author
Autumn Falls JorisMKW
Garden Falls SpyKid
Jungle Crater Betelrama
Jungle Falls MrKoeikoei
Nighttime Falls TylerHD
Untitled 1 midiman100
Yoshi's Winter Resort ShadowLuigi-NG-

SNES Ghost Valley 2

Title Author
Blueforest Valley SpyKid
Galaxy Platform XG0m3rMKx
Gastly Valley Torn
Ghostly Dancefloor Betelrama
Haunted Desert Valley ALPHAMARIOX
Icy Valley Cobana01
Lava Valley MKWLH1000
Ocean Boardwalk MkMaestro
Pac-Zone 256 Atlantian
Pink Valley The Flame Runner
Rainbow Valley masterkirbyxd
Red Darkness Valley 4DR FireRach
Sandopolis Zone turbotim33
Sky Platform Darkmario957
Untitled 1 midiman100

N64 Mario Raceway

Title Author
Alien Run Ark9026
Blue Shell Raceway ThePrimalYoshi
Crashway XG0m3rMKx
Dry Raceway SpyKid
Electro Raceway SpyKid
Fire Mario Raceway 4DR⁂Rachel
Frosty's Raceway Frosty
Frozen Raceway Betelrama
Hue Stadium Jesper
Luffy's Raceway Torn
N64 Autumn Raceway MrGeorge2220
N64 Funky's Raceway CrazyManRick
Red Raceway TylerHD
Ribbon Raceway darkmario957
Twilight Raceway JJMac 047
Untitled 1 midiman100
Verde Raceway Betelrama

Banana Cup

N64 Sherbet Land

Title Author
Deep Freeze Betelrama
Glacial Night SM979
Ice Cavern MrKoeikoei
Matrix Land Diaboro
Nighttime Sherbet Land TylerHD
Rainbow Ravenz Road NeRDb0y100
Red Canyon Cyb
Sherbet Atlantis XG0m3rMKx
Sunset Valley JorisMKW
Toxic Moonland Cyb
Untitled 1 midiman100

GBA Shy Guy Beach

Title Author
Cola Beach Darkmario957
Oil Ocean Zone Betelrama
Shy Guy Beach at Night MrGeorge2220
Snow Beach JorisMKW
Toxic Beach Cyb
Untitled 1 midiman100

DS Delfino Square

Title Author
Cherry Blossom Square MrRockman888
Delfino City Gir
Dragon Cross Flaris SpyKid
Flooded Station Square ChaosShadow23
Fourside DarkyBenji
Lame Town MkMaestro
PAINT-World Reedy94
Pink Town SpyKid
Rooftop Run DarkyBenji
Sherbet Square Darkmario957
Springtime Square Betelrama
Untitled 1 midiman100
Wintertime Town SpyKid

GCN Waluigi Stadium

Title Author
Blue Lunarway XG0m3rMKx
Sand Stadium SpyKid
Untitled 1 midiman100
Volcanic Stadium JorisMKW
Vulcanic Stadium Betelrama
Weird Stadium SpyKid

Leaf Cup

DS Desert Hills

Title Author
Autumn Leaves SpyKid
Dry Dry City Dani
DS Snowy Hills Super
Green Desert MrKoeikoei
Ice Desert mkwjason
Moonlight Desert Hills Betelrama
Oasis Hills Betelrama
Snowy Hills Gir
Snowy Hills JorisMKW
Untitled 1 midiman100

GBA Bowser Castle 3

Title Author
Blue Castle JorisMKW
Bowser's Galaxy 3 Tylerr
Bowser's Ice Palace ALPHAMARIOX
Final Fortress DarkyBenji
Funky's Lake Muki64
Galaxy Fortress Darkmario957
GBA Bowser Castle 4 Quajeek99
GBA Sky Garden 3 MrGeorge2220
Iron Castle 2 Omega
King Koopa's Casino SpyKid
Koopa Road Nooboss
Mansion Fortress darkmario957
Misty Lake SpyKid
Opposite World SpyKid
Purplelized GBA Bowser Castle 3 Mikeypr98
Stickboy's Castle TheOnlyStickboy
Untitled 1 midiman100

N64 DK's Jungle Parkway

Title Author
Crystal Jungle SpyKid
Deserts River SpyKid
Flying Dutchman's Graveyard Tylerr
Green Hill Zone DarkyBenji
Green Jungle DarkyBenji
Night Mushroom Forest DarkMario957
Resort Island Venom45000VR
Snow Doll Planet HackSizer
Untitled 3 KT♪Turbo
Water Speedway LeonStu

GCN Mario Circuit

Title Author
GCN Mario Desert PokemonBoy
Peach Circuit Nato
SM64 Style GCN Mario Circuit ShadowLuigi-NG-
Sky Garden Circuit Darkmario957
Untitled 1 midiman100

Lightning Cup

SNES Mario Circuit 3

Title Author
8-Bit Mario Circuit CaronHT
Cake Sweetway SpyKid
City Street Day Darkmario957 and XG0m3rMKx
Dark Circuit Florian
DK's Circuit TheYoshi
Grassland Circuit JorisMKW
Lunar Base LeonStu
Purple Cruisin' Way Chrome
Radical Highway Hayden
Shiny Road SpyKid
SNES Bowser Road SpyKid
SNES Donut Plains 3 Yoshidude4
SNES Mario Sandpit 3 MrBean35000vr & Chadderz
SNES Snowy Circuit 3 Frosty
Snowy Circuit TylerHD
SSBB Mushroomy Kingdom Torn
Super Mario World Circuit Darkmario957
The Underground Super
Untitled 1 midiman100

DS Peach Gardens

Title Author
Bowser Garden Darkmario957
Bowser Gardens MKWII KIWI
Christmas Garden JorisMKW
Peppermint Palace Nato
Sunset Gardens SpeedieEddie
The Star Festival DarkyBenji
Untitled 1 midiman100

GCN DK Mountain

Title Author
DK Ice Mountain HackSizer
DK Neon Mountain MirandaLuvsMKW
Ice Hill SpyKid
Pumpkin Hill ShadowLuigi-NG-
Untitled 1 midiman100

N64 Bowser's Castle

Title Author
Abandoned Koopa Castle Saxy69
Bowser Ship Akvivi2
Hooktail Castle Darkmario957
Luigi's Castle MkMaestro
N64 Bowser's Castle Wii SpyKid
Purple Bowser Castle CaronHT
Radioactive Castle Tylerr, Crisis
SpongeBob Castle Reedy94 (remade by Reon MKWii)
Tristeza Castle SpyKid
Untitled 1 midiman100
Whomp's Galaxy Castle HackSizer

Custom Tracks

New Tracks

Title Texture Author Track Author
ASDF_Canyon (ASDF_Course Texture) dswii3ds Guilmon35249vr
Bowser's Villa (Bowser's Dark Castle Texture) Reedy94 [WP]Twister
The End (The Nether Texture) wg93589 JorisMKW
Fog Swamp at Night (Fog Swamp Texture) TheMygoshi Fra, SpyKid
Rainbow Road 2 (Space Road Texture) dswii3ds kHacker35000vr
Super Kinoko Cave (Kinoko Cave Texture) marionose1 igorseabra4
The World of Minecraft (The Nether Texture) MkMaestro JorisMKW

Retro Tracks

Title Author
SNES Tetris Valley 1 (SNES Ghost Valley 1 Texture)
GCN Terracotta Circuit (GCN Yoshi Circuit Texture) Reedy94
GBA Bowser Island 2 (GBA Cheep-Cheep Island Texture) dswii3ds

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