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! width="1%" | Title
! width="1%" | Title
! width="1%" | Author
! width="1%" | Author
| [[City Escape (Moonview Highway Texture)|City Escape]]
| DarkyBenji
| [[DK's Castle (Moonview Highway Texture)|DK's Castle]]
| [[DK's Castle (Moonview Highway Texture)|DK's Castle]]

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[[Luigi's Allistarr Circuit (Luigi Circuit Texture)|Luigi's Allistarr Circuit]]


This is because there are many texture hacks, some might have double names, names of other tracks, names of other custom tracks or no name.


This is the list of all the Texture Hacks made for Mario Kart Wii.Please note that this list might not always be 100% current and complete, since new texture hacked tracks are always being created and some of them don't get attention from the community.

Mushroom Cup

Luigi Circuit

Title Author
Dark Circuit MrMario
Dark Luigi Circuit Guilmon35249vr
Luigi's Allistarr Circuit Linkx2
Luigi's Evening Circuit Lightnin09
Luigi's Galaxy Circuit Ugothacked35000VR
Luigi's Ice Road Linkx2
Luigi's Volcano Raceway MrBean35000vr
Mii Circuit Hariytt
Night in Luigi Circuit nico74nico74
Nightmare Run JJMaC 047
Rollercoasting DarkyBenji
Route gelée de Luigi HackSizer
Sonic's Seaside Circuit ShadowLuigi-NG-
Untitled 1 Midiman100
Untitled 2 Neant30000VR

Moo Moo Meadows

Title Author
Autumn Meadows (Mad Cow Meadows) Roobitz & Atlantian
Disco Meadows MrKoeikoei
Fire Meadows Speedieddie
Ice Cream Land Ugothacked35000VR
Ice Ice Meadows Tim007UWB
Milka Land 25IceIce25
Moo Moo Caverns DarkyBenji
Moo Moo Desert Maschell
Plateau Akvivi2
Sky Farm Alex
Snow Capped Meadows M&SG
Untitled 1 Neueshaus123
Untitled 2 NinSonic12345VR
Weird Weird Meadows Midiman100

Mushroom Gorge

Title Author
Bowser Cave Bushkling
Crystal Gorge 1 Miranda
Crystal Gorge 2 Niktm
Dark Gorge TheYoshi
Humongous Fungus DarkyBenji
Ice Gorge CaronHT
Mushroom Desert BrawlerJesse
Neon Gorge Pro*phet & Alex
Pokemon-Fun 25IceIce25
Rainbow Gorge DJ Dylan
Sky Sanctuary DarkyBenji
Snowy Gorge Ugothacked35000VR
Space Gorge Jamesmattjo
Sunset Valley ★さoᶓ★
Underworld Space Deathanchor88
Underworld Space Deathanchor88
Untitled 1 Midiman100
Yellow Sky Mushroom Gorge M&SG
Mushroom Forest HackSizer

Toad's Factory

Title Author
A Trip Thru Space Highman00111
Baby Daisy's Factory MrRolfodor
Carnal Factory MkwiiErik24
Chemical Plant DarkyBenji
Coke Factory Ricd61har
Elixir and Nite's Factory Nite & Elixir
Link's Factory Linkx2
Night Factory Neueshaus123
Prison Lane DarkyBenji
Riolus Factory Buschkling
Robot City Taschenuhr3
Toad Roadway DN[?]Ryuk(chim)
Sci-Fi Factory MrKoeikoei
Untitled 1 Midiman100

Flower Cup

Mario Circuit

Title Author
Bowser's Circuit ShadowLuigi-NG-
DK Circuit Oreo, Miranda, & Grapes
Fractal Dream Roobitz
Galaxy Circuit Kento726
Mario's Ghost Circuit Linkx2
Mario Frozen Circuit HackSizer
Rollercoasting DarkyBenji
Untitled 1 Dnaproductions4378
Untitled 2 Midiman100
Untitled 3 XolifreX
Yoshi Circuit MRbuttCHINSx11T7
Redark Circuit masterkirbyxd

Coconut Mall

Title Author
Coconut Palm Bekker5000
Darky Gallery DarkyBenji
Gallery Mall Atlantian
Haunted Mansion Ricd61har
Jungle Mall Ricd61har
McDonalds Mall Darkdudeo7
Untitled 1 Midiman100
Untitled 2 123marvinf

DK Summit/Snowboard Cross

Title Author
Midnight Snowboard Cross -Frax-
Mudslide Summit ★さoᶓ★
Pic Plains DarkyBenji
Sandboarding Dunes ALPHAMARIOX
Skikane/Snowboard Cross 4TLPati
Untitled 1 Midiman100
DK Pass

Wario's Gold Mine

Title Author
Emerald Mine Betelrema
Lady Bow's Gold Mine MirandaLuvsMKW
Sonic's Cave 25IceIce25
Snowmine Lynx
Untitled 1 Midiman100
Wario's Rainbow Mine NinARM1
Wario's Rusty Mine Linkx2
Wario's Space Mine MrBean35000vr
Windy Valley DarkyBenji

Star Cup

Daisy Circuit

Title Author
Better Daisy Circuit [WP]KµG@ = L@R$
Casino Park DarkyBenji
KHacker's Hack Circuit Khacker35000vr
Tropical Resort DarkyBenji
Untitled 1 Midiman100

Koopa Cape

Title Author
Cap Ocean DarkyBenji
Emerald Coast 2 DarkyBenji
Highway Cape DJ Dylan
Iced Over Kooopa Cape Speedieddie
Koopa Flape Yo*Remco
Koopa Jungle Bushkling
Koopa Volcano Ricd61har
Lead Pipes Roobix
Night Cape No users, is ideas
Nintendo Kape Arceus20
Mountain Cape -Fraz-
Paratroopa Cape Turtwig8500vr
Storm Surge Omega
Untitled 1 Midiman100
Untitled 2 Ugothacked35000VR
Hill of BEN masterkirbyxd

Maple Treeway

Title Author
Autumn Evening Treeway Lightnin09
Forest Maze Akvivi2
Forest Maze 2 DarkyBenji
Green Forest CaronHT and MrRyu
Hi Tack Treeway 25IceIce25
In The Jungle Roobix
Night Maple Treeway Speedieddie
Skullkid Trunkway [CV]Grapes
Snow Treeway Omega
Snowy Treeway Buschkling
Summer Treeway Ricd61har
Untitled 1 Midiman100

Grumble Volcano

Title Author
Asteroide Coaster DarkyBenji
Hellish Volcano Roobitz
Ice Cap DarkyBenji
Ice Metal Metasmash
Lemon Volcano SimonCT
Magma Aera Teknik & Houbi
Untitled 1 Deathanchor88
Untitled 2 Midiman100

Special Cup

Dry Dry Ruins

Title Author
Atlantis Ruins Ήλχ☆そメC™
Cléo's Temple KO, Teknik, & Houbi
Forest and Ruin Akvivi2
Green Ruins UGothacked35000VR
Icy Ruins 19Maurice19
Jungle Temple Buschkling
Sand Ocean DarkyBenji
Snow Ruins Darkybenji
Spacial Desert Deathanchor88
Green Oasis SoulKingdom92
Untitled 1 Midiman100
Vulcano Cave Linkx2
Wet Wet Ruins Ricd61har
Forest Temple Nooboss

Moonview Highway

Title Author
City Escape DarkyBenji
DK's Castle MMKart35555VR
F-Zero Mute City DarkyBenji
Morning Sun DarkyBenji
NDA*Konata Roadway Ugothacked35000VR
Parallel World in Japanese Highway Akvivi2
Robotic Derby Betelrema
Untitled 1 Midiman100
Winter Moonview Highway skylar

Bowser's Castle

Title Author
Bowsers Castle Course MrKoeikoei
Bowser Castle Dark Darkybenji
Bowser's Colorful Castle  ?
Bowser's Cyber Speedway Newyork314
Bowser's Matrix Road Linkx2
Bowser's Paintball Niktm
Bowser's Twinkle Castle Kento726
Crystal Chasm Omega
Dry Castle MRbuttCHINSx11T7
Dry Dry Castle Bekker5000
King Boos Disco V2 Taschenuhr3
Kirby's Castle Arceus20
Lost World DarkyBenji
Peach's Castle Buschkling
Rosalina Castle Buschkling
Shy Guy's Toy Box [aW]★ΩΓΣΩ★
Untitled 1 Midiman100

Rainbow Road

Title Author
Anti-Rainbow Roobitz
Blue and Green Road TheYoshi
Bluebow Road Mossix2
Bowser's Outerspace Castle MrMean36000VR
Corrupt Rainbow Road Guilmon35249vr
Dark Rainbow Road v.2 Metasmash
Darky Road v3 DarkyBenji
Fantasy Zone Atlantian
GBA Bowser Rainbow 3 Chadderz
Heaven's Path CrazyManRick
Iced Rainbow Road Maschell
Icy Road 7NewHope7
Matrix Road V.2.0 Metasmash
Mr. Bean's Space Road Speedieddie
Neon Road Nincheat
Neon Roadway DN[?]Ryuk(chim)
Rainbow purple Mr Ital
Ribbon Road 4DB*Ryuka & AdicttedGamer
ShyBoard Roads GrapesLuvnhotspot
Sky Road Akvivi2
Sky Road Ricd61har
SkyCloud Raceway GrapesLuvsnhotspot
Subspace Road CaronHT
Untitled 1 Midiman100
Untitled 2 Chadderz
Untitled 3 Lightnin09
Untitled 4 Basstard93
White Rainbow Road coheed&cambria

Shell Cup

GCN Peach Beach

Title Author
Aquarium Park DarkyBenji
BP's Big Disaster Roobitz
GBA Old Taxmily Nintens
GCN P.R. Playa Sasalot
Lost Beach Deathanchor88
Nite Resort Marioman311
Untitled 1 Midiman100

DS Yoshi Falls

Title Author
Disc Falls GrapesLuvsnhotspot
DS Birdo Falls DashEmeth
DS Black Falls KartKing08
Egg Volcano Darkybenji
Garden Falls Buschkling
GCN Egg Lake Nintens
Icy Falls Sgtpepperlulz
Untitled 1 Midiman100
Untitled 2 MrApple35000VR
Untitled 3 Sedfed123
Yoshi's Chocolate Factory Khacker35000VR
Yoshi's Ghost Port Da Boar
Yoshi's Matrix Road Linkx2
Yoshi's Metal Falls Lol-Alex
Yoshi's Sand Falls Speedieddie
Yoshi's Winter Resort ShadowLuigi-NG-

SNES Ghost Valley 2

Title Author
Dark Ghost Road Linkx2
Dark Moon Ghost Valley  ???
DK Cruiser Darkybenji
Egg Fleet Marioracer
Flame valley MarioPower55
Flower Union TheVipHT
Ghost Galaxy Sgtpepperlulz
Haunted Desert Valley ALPHAMARIOX
Ice Valley Cobana01
Pac Zone 256 Atlantian
PC Quotation Valley Nintens
SNES Ice Valley Stan
SNES Track Valley 2 ΛGP
Tetris Theme 25IceIce25
The Invisible Valley Deathanchor88
Untitled 1 Midiman100
Untitled 2 HakuHT0410
Untitled 3 Jugo7
Untitled 4 Destiney13131vr
Untitled 5 Sealseal
Youtube's DK Valley 2 Ugothacked35000VR
Rainbow Valley masterkirbyxd

N64 Mario Raceway

Title Author
Alistarr™ Circuit Ugothacked35000VR
Galactic Dom HackSizer
Hybrid Circuit At Night Deathanchor88
JVC Stadium Metasmash
Mario's Dawn Raceway Lightnin09
Mario's Golden Road Lol-Alex
N64 Funky's Raceway CrazyManRick
N64 Luigi's Raceway Luigistar64
N64 Mario Raceway At Night 25IceIce25
N64 Mario Rapeway Basstard93
N64 Mario's Neon Raceway KoopaTroop
Rainbow Raceway N64 Linkx2
Sonic Raceway Marioracer
Twinkle Park Darkybenji
Untitled 1 Midiman100
Untitled 2 Deathanchor88
Untitled 3 FireLuigiHT
Untitled 4 Cole430608
Untitled 5 25IceIce25
Untitled 6 4TLPati
Untitled 7 Pnftwister
Yoshi Island Akvivi2

Banana Cup

N64 Sherbert Land

Title Author
Emissaire Subspatial DarkyBenji & Masson
N64 Crystal Lakeside MrBean35000vr
N64 Sherbet Hell Enryx13ftw
N64 Sherbet Land Night Version Mariopower55
RedSky/BlackEarth Deathanchor88
Rocky Road UGothacked35000VR
Sherbet's Disco Hosue Khacker35000VR
Stone Path Omega
Untitled 1 by Midiman100 [DL]

GBA Shy Guy Beach

Title Author
Dark Beach GBA WP_Bully
Dry Dry Beach Joeiz1337
Green Swamp CaronHT
Shy Guy Blood Beach Pro*phet
Shy Guy Town Ugothacked35000VR
Sky Island Akvivi2
Toxic Waste Beach Atlantian
Untitled 1 Midiman100

DS Delfino Square

Title Author
Chinatown Goombalaxer
DS Baby Park Khacker35000VR
DS Ghost Town KT♪Turbo
DS Simple Square Enryx13ftw
Fourside DarkyBenji
Luigi Square Ugothacked35000VR
Negative DS Pizzale Delfino Maurice
PAINT-World Reedy94
Rainbow Metal Square  ?
Rooftop Run DarkyBenji
Untitled 1 Midiman100
Luigi's Neo City masterkirbyxd

GCN Waluigi Stadium

Title Author
Corrupted Waluigi Stadium MrSkopelos27
Stadium Royale Atlantian
Stiicky Stoned Waluigi Stadium Siick
Untitled 1 Midiman100
Untitled 2 Lightnin09
Waluigi Pinball DarkyBenji
Waluigi Raceway Ugothacked
Waluigi Stadium on Ice 25IceIce25
Waluigi's Cobbled Road Speedieddie
Wario Stadium v1.00 HackSizer
Weird Stadium Buschkling

Leaf Cup

DS Desert Hills

Title Author
100X Desert Sasalot
DK's Desert Speedieddie
DS Apple Hills  ?
DS Snowy Hills Ugothacked35000VR
Dry Dry City Dani
Frozen Lakeside Cooli
Paradize's Désert Corali
Snow of Night DarkyBenji
Snowy Wastes 25IceIce25
Untitled 1 Midiman100
Untitled 2 xLostRelicx

GBA Bowser Castle 3

Title Author
Bowser's Beach Party Linkx2
Bowser's Ice Palace ALPHAMARIOX
Bowser's Motor Way Lol-Alex
Bowser's Villa Reedy94
Dark GBA Bowser Castle 3 Metasmash
Dimentio's Dream 25IceIce25
Emerald Coast Linkx2
Final Fortress DarkyBenji
GBA Bowser Iron Castle 3 KT♪Turbo
GBA Bowser's Island Retreat Miranda
GBA Winter Castle 3 PalMarioFan
Iron Castle 2 Omega
Jungle Still 25IceIce25
King Boo Castle [CV]Grapes
Koopa Road Nooboss
Luffy Castle DN[?]Ryuk(chim)
Metal Castle CaronHT
Star Gate GrapesLuvsnhotspot
Untitled 1 Midiman100
Untitled 2 KoopaTroop35000VR
Untitled 3 MrApple35000VR
Untitled 4 Neueshaus123
Untitled 5 Soul493

N64 DK's Jungle Parkway

Title Author
Deserts River Buschkling
DK's Jungle Volcano by Ricd61har
DK's Snowy Jungle Joeiz1337
Frosty DK's Jungle Speedieddie
Frozen Canadian Trials Roobitz
Green Hill Zone DarkyBenji
Jungle DK Volcano DarkyBenji
N64 DK's Delfino Square Ricd61har
N64 JungleRace Nincheat
Paradise City HelloImYourMind
Snow Doll Planet HackSizer
SSBB The Lake TheYoshi
Untitled 1 Midiman100
Untitled 2 Lightnin09
Untitled 3 KT♪Turbo

GCN Mario Circuit

Title Author
Blue Rock Circuit Deathanchor88
GCN Castle Way Sasalot
GCN Mario Circuit at night Omega
Luigi's Mansion DarkyBenji
SM64 Style GCN Mario Circuit ShadowLuigi-NG-
Termina Field Atlantian
Untitled 1 Midiman100

Lightning Cup

SNES Mario Circuit 3

Title Author
8bit Mario Circuit CaronHT
City Lane Omega
DK's Circuit TheYoshi
DK's Jungle Circuit TheMrJoee
Goomba Territory Ugothacked35000VR
Grapes Circuit 3 Grapesluvsnhotspot
Gusty Garden Akvivi2
HD Mario Circuit 3 PalMarioFan
Hellish Road HackSizer
Mario's Green Circuit Scoop
Mario's Lava Road Scoop
Mini Twinkle Circuit DarkyBenji
Mountain Path Linkx2
Roo's Rollin Raceway Roobitz
SNES Bowser Road Buschkling
SNES Daisy Circuit 3 Whopper Jr
SNES Mario Sandpit 3 MrBean35000vr & Chadderz
SNES Mario Sky Road Linkx2
SNES Snow Circuit 1 Darkness2197
SNES Snowy Circuit 3 ΛGP
Stone Circuit HackSizer
Sunset SNES Mario Circuit 3 MKWIIFraz
Untitled 1 Midiman100
Untitled 2 Da Boar
Untitled 3 KT♪Turbo
Untitled 4 Neueshaus123
Zelda's Piste 25IceIce25

DS Peach Gardens

Title Author
Autumn Gardens coheed&cambria
Dead Garden DarkyBenji
DS T&S Night Gardens Stan and Thom
Maple Gardens Whopper Jr
Ocarina Garden DarkyBenji
Spaced Right Out Roobitz
Sunset Peach Gardens Speedieddie
Untitled 1 Midiman100
Untitled 2 GuestHT1

GCN DK Mountain

Title Author
Cartoon Mountain Teknik Kart Wii Team
DK Ice Mountain HackSizer
DK Neon Mountain MirandaLuvsMKW
Dr. Suess Town Niktm
Ice Hill Bushkling
Red Mountain DarkyBenji
The Meltdown Darkness2197
Untitled 1 Midiman100
Wild Mountain CaronHT

N64 Bowser's Castle

Title Author
Bowser Ship Akvivi2
Bowser's Cloud Castle MirandaLuvsMKW
Bowser's Golden Palace Ricd61har
Castle Hyrule Darkybenji
Colorful Bowser Castle 64 DN[?]Ryuk(chim)
Crazy Castle Nincheat
Dreamscape Castle Darkybenji
Forest Temple 7NewHope7
Hyrule Castle DarkyBenji
Lost Castle Teknik MKWii Team
N64 Bowser's Chequered Garden ΛGP
N64 Bowser's Sandcastle Chadderz
Spongebob Castle Reedy94
Temporal Tower SwordmasterRalis
Untitled 1 Midiman100
Untitled 2 Neant30000vr
Whomp's Galaxy Castle HackSizer

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