List of Texture Hacked Battle Arenas

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This is the list of all the Texture Hacked Battle Arenas made for Mario Kart Wii. Please note that this list might not always be 100% current and complete, since new texture hacked tracks are always being created and some of them don't get attention from the community.

Wii Stages

Block Plaza

Title Author
Ghost Plaza RoGamer
Green Voltage Plaza Betelrama
Velvet Plaza ThePrimalYoshi

Delfino Pier

Title Author
Aquapolis Betelrama
Frozen Delfino Pier RoGamer

Funky Stadium

Title Author
Dry Bowser Stadium Betelrama
Night Colosseum ALPHAMARIOX

Chain Chomp Wheel

Title Author
Gold Wheel Betelrama

Thwomp Desert

Title Author
Hellish Crater Trav
Icy Thwompscape ALPHAMARIOX
Star Desert Pucci95

Retro Stages

SNES Battle Course 4

Title Author
Seaside Hill Marioracer(1st)
Sky Battle Betelrama
Volcanic Battle Maze ALPHAMARIOX

GBA Battle Course 3

Title Author
GBA Bowser Course 3 RoGamer
Gloam Valley DarkyBenji
Maple Galaxy Pucci95
Volcanic Battle Frontier ALPHAMARIOX

N64 Skyscraper

Title Author
911 World Trade Center ThePrimalYoshi
Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla DarkyBenji
Galaxy Rooftop Frosty
Jungle Platform ALPHAMARIOX
N64 Grey Skyscraper ALPHAMARIOX
Neon Skyscraper Betelrama

GCN Cookie Land

Title Author
Asteroid Land Betelrama
GCN Choco Land RoGamer
Midnight Cookie ALPHAMARIOX
My Fricken Frozen Cookie ALPHAMARIOX
Rainbow Biscuit ALPHAMARIOX
Surreal Cookie ALPHAMARIOX
Volcanic Cookie ALPHAMARIOX

DS Twilight House

Title Author
Desert Sanctuary ALPHAMARIOX
Icy Forest Cabin ALPHAMARIOX
Midnight House Betelrama