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The original Mario Kart Wii supports 7 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

The plan is to add more additional languages to the game. If you want to collaborate with the translations to any language (even if it's not added yet), you can join the translation Discord server here.



Current languages

Language name Status
Dutch Completed
Portuguese (PAL) Completed
Portuguese (NTSC) Completed
Russian Completed
Polish Completed
Finnish Completed
Swedish Completed
Greek Completed
Czech In progress
Albanian No current translators
Danish In progress
Catalan In progress
Hungarian No current translators
Irish In progress
Slovak In progress
Croatian In progress
Simplified Chinese No current translators
Welsh In progress
Romanian In progress
Scottish Gaelic No current translators
Scots No current translators
Syriac In progress
Thai No current translators
Estonian In progress
Luxembourgish In progress
Arabic In progress
Esperanto In progress


Date Information
2014-03-23 Dutch was released:
2018-10-03 New translation team by Zachruff:
  • Creation of the translation Discord server.
  • Atlas joined the team.
2018-10-16 Syara joined the team:
2019-04-29 Larry98 joined the team:
  • After more than 2 years of inactivity in the community, Larry98 joined the team to finish the additonal languages.
2019-05-05 Updated Dutch and finished Greek.
2019-05-11 Finished Polish and Portuguese (Portugal).
2019-06-02 Finished Portuguese (Brazil), Swedish, Finnish and Russian.
2019-09-02 Finished Catalan, Croatian, Czech and Hungarian.

Custom Track Distributions

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