List of Retro Tracks from Mario Kart Arcade GP DX/Translation

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  • The text must make perfect sense in the language it is translated to.
  • The text should be as close to the original English as possible.
  • Formatting such as bold should be copied as best as possible, but omitted if inappropriate.
  • Language should not be region specific.
  • You may use the {{no}} and {{maybe}} templates to indicate translation correctness or progress.
  • Use {{yes}} for official Nintendo Translations
  • Punctuation should be translated where appropriate.
  • Existing translations should not be overwritten, but first dicussed on the talk page, and overwritten if consensus is established.
    • Exception: Typographical or grammatical errors.
  • Where it matters (Spanish, Portuguese, etc), alternative NTSC-U and PAL translations may be offered. For example: (NTSC) Aprieta A para continuar. (PAL) Pulsa el botón A para continuar.


English Dutch French German Italian Japanese Korean Portuguese Russian Spanish Greek Polish Finnish Swedish Czech Danish
DX Peach Castle - DX Château de Peach - DX Castello di Peach DX ピーチキャッスル - DX Castelo da Peach DX Замок Пич DX Castillo de Peach DX Κάστρο της Πιτς - - - - -
DX Kingdom Way - DX Chemin du Royaume - DX Strada del Regno DX キングダムウェイ - DX Caminho do Reino DX Королевский путь DX Vía del Reino DX Δρόμος Βασιλείου - - - - -
DX Splash Circuit - DX Circuit Splash - DX Circuito Splash DX スプラッシュサーキット - DX Circuito Splash DX Трасса всплесков DX Circuito Chapuzón DX Πίστα Πιτσιλιάς - - - - -
DX Tropical Coast - DX Côte Tropicale - DX Costa Tropicale DX トロピカルコースト - DX Costa Tropical DX Тропическое побережье DX Costa Tropical DX Τροπική Ακτή - - - - -
DX Bon Dance Street - DX Route Bonodori - DX Strada Bonodori DX ぼんおどリストリート - DX Rua Bonodori DX Улица Бон Одори DX Calle Bon Odori DX Δρόμος Μπον-Ντανς - - - - -
DX Omatsuri Circuit - DX Circuit Omatsuri - DX Corcuito Omatsuri DX おまつリサーキット - DX Circuito Omatsuri DX Трасса Омацури DX Circuito Omatsuri DX Πίστα Οματσούρι - - - - -
DX Aerial Road - DX Route Aérienne - DX Strada Aerea DX エアリアルロード - DX Estrada Aérea DX Воздушная дорога DX Senda Aérea DX Εναέριος Δρόμος - - - - -
DX Sky Arena - DX Arène Céleste - DX Arena Celeste DX スカイアリーナ - DX Arena Celeste DX Небесная арена DX Estadio Celeste DX Αρένα Ουρανού - - - - -
DX Bowser's Factory - DX Usine de Bowser - DX Fabbrica di Bowser DX クッパファクトリー - DX Fábrica do Bowser DX Фабрика Боузера DX Fábrica de Bowser DX Εργοστάσιο του Μπάουζερ - - - - -
DX Bowser's Castle - DX Château de Bowser - DX Castello di Bowser DX クッパキャッスル - DX Castelo do Bowser DX Замок Боузера DX Castillo de Bowser DX Κάστρο του Μπάουζερ - - - - -
DX PAC-MAN Stadium - DX Stade PAC-MAN - DX Stadio PAC-MAN DX パックマンスタジアム - DX Estádio PAC-MAN DX Стадион ПЭКМЕНА DX Estadio PAC-MAN DX Στάδιο του Πακ-Μαν - - - - -
DX NAMCO Circuit - DX Circuit Namco - DX Circuito Namco DX ナムコサーキット - DX Circuito Namco DX Трасса Namco DX Circuito Namco DX Πίστα της Namco - - - - -