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| [[MKW Character Pack]]
| [[MKW Character Pack]]
| Huili
| Huili
| [http://www.mediafire.com/download/y7gt5oll9uo0skp/MKW+Character+Pack.rar MediaFire]
| [https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3w4EcgbDu4_X0V3U0FJQV9uVzQ&authuser=0 Google Drive]
| [[Character Kart Wii]]
| [[Character Kart Wii]]

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This is a list of Custom Characters and Karts for Mario Kart Wii. A Custom Character is a character with a model or texture that was not created by Nintendo as part of the original game, while a Custom Vehicle can refer to a changed vehicle. Many downloads contain a combination of a changed character and a changed vehicle.

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Individual Character/Vehicle Combos

These only affect one Character/Vehicle combination, eg. Luigi on Mach Bike. It wouldn't affect Mario nor would it affect the Standard Bike M.


Title Author
Boo-Berry on Flame Runner Legendof8241998
Dark Koopa Troopa on Dark Spear HackSizer
Dark Toad on Dark Flame Runner HackSizer
Dry Bones on Flame Runner TheMygoshi
Ice Toadette on Cube-Quacker TheMygoshi
Koopa Paratroopa on Bullet Bike Guilmon35249vr
Oshawott on Bullet Bike Guilmon35249vr
Pikachu on Bullet Bike Baoulettes
Red Koopa Troopa on Para-Wing ShadowLuigi-NG-
Jolteon (on foot) XModxGodX


Title Author
Boshi on Mach Bike Guilmon35249vr
Bowsario on Mach Bike Guilmon35249vr
Bowser on Dolphin Dasher Rocketz
Bowsuigi on Mach Bike Guilmon35249vr
Chocobo on Mach Bike Guilmon35249vr
Clear Yoshi on Mach Bike Guilmon35249vr
Clear Yoshi on Wild Wing Guilmon35249vr
Diddy Kong on Spear Mikeypr98
Dry Bowser Jr. on Mach Bike ShadowLuigi-NG-
Electric Mario on Hovercraft TheMarioKartFreak
Fox McCloud on Mach Bike Baoulettes
Golden Daisy on Golden Mach Bike Pokemongeof
Golden Luigi on Golden Mach Bike Toni Kart
GrayL on Mach Bike Mikeypr98
Guilmon on Mach Bike Guilmon35249vr
Ice Mario on Golden Mach Bike Pokemongeof
Jet the Hawk on Type-J Extreme Gear SonicBrawler
Kazooie on Mach Bike Guilmon35249vr
Mikaphlosion on Mach Bike Guilmon35249vr
NES Fire Luigi on Mach Bike Isle
Orange Yoshi on Orange Flame Runner TheYoshi
Pac-Man on Standard Kart M Camonsters
Rainbow Dash (flying) LeonExodio
Red Hot Daisy on Mach Bike ShadowLuigi-NG-
Renamon on Dolphin Dasher LuigiGalaxy530
Retro Daisy DJ Lowgey, KTH, Super-Daisy55
Retro Peach DJ Lowgey, KTH, Super-Daisy55
Sonic the Hedgehog (on foot) ShadowLuigi-NG-
SSBB Mario on Mach Bike ShadowLuigi-NG-
Super Mario All-Stars Mario LuigiGalaxy530
Super Sonic on Mach Bike Toni Kart
Whitney LuigiGalaxy530
Wolf Link on Mach Bike Guilmon35249vr


Title Author
Big the Cat on Flame Runner Shadowthe99X
Black Mage on Wii Remote MKDasher
Captain Falcon (on foot) LeonExodio, ShadowLuigi-NG-
Dark Schneider Baoulettes
Deadpool (on foot) SonicBrawler
FiredUp Waluigi on Flame Runner Mikeypr98
FiredUp Waluigi on Quacker Mikeypr98
Gold Funky Kong on Gold Hovercraft Mikeypr98
Golden Funky Kong on Golden Flame Runner Pokemongeof
Golden Funky Kong on Violet Mach Bike MikyJacksanne
Golden Rosalina on Golden Flame Flyer HackSizer
Green Waluigi on Green Wild Wing HackSizer
HD Funky on Flame Runner Shadowthe99X
Link on Flame Runner Baoulettes
Lucario on Spear Baoulettes
Magikoopa & Star Bunny on Parade Kart Baoulettes
Midna on Flame Runner Baoulettes
Ninja on Wolfen MKDasher
Pianta on Flame Runner Baoulettes
Purple Rosalina on Flame Runner PC Freak
R&B Funky Kong on Flame Flyer MKDestroyer
R&B Funky Kong on Flame Runner Mikeypr98
R&B Funky Kong on Shooting Star Mikeypr98
Stickboy Funky Kong on Flame Runner TheOnlyStickboy
SPASM Funky on Flame Runner mkwjason
SSBB Gold Bowser on Spear ShadowLuigi-NG-
Star Funky on Rainbow Flame Runner LeonStu
Stone Bowser on Rock Kart beredezebe
Weird Funky Kong on Flame Runner DJ Dylan
White Mage on Wii Remote MKDasher



These apply to ALL characters (of a single weight class) and may/may not have models for the kart selection screen.

Title Replaces Author Link
Astro Glider Daytripper[1] Toad75
Landmaster Wild Wing ShadowLuigi-NG-
Speed Star Wild Wing ShadowLuigi-NG- Dropbox
Winged Yoshi Mach Bike ShadowLuigi-NG-
  1. known as the Royal Racer in the PAL regions
Title Replaces Author Link
Chimerism Offroader Guilmon35249vr [1]


These are complete character replacements that replace all vehicles, instead of just one.

Title Author Link
Blue Koopa Troopa Guilmon35249vr Dropbox
Baby Blue Hat Mario KGTrixter Google Drive
Goomba DJ Lowgey MediaFire
Lakitu Ohthatsjustgr8 SendSpace
Lemmy Koopa TravixMan MEGA
Piplup LuigiGalaxy530 Google Sites
Professor Elvin Gadd DJ Lowgey MEGA
Snivy LuigiGalaxy530 Google Sites
Squirtle LuigiGalaxy530 Google Sites
Thwomp Pepo2000 SendSpace
Toadsworth Ohthatsjustgr8 SendSpace
Totodile LuigiGalaxy530 Google Sites
Tuxie DJ Lowgey SendSpace
Victini LuigiGalaxy530 Google Sites
Vanellope DJ Lowgey SendSpace
Title Author Link
Black Mage Slawter MEGA
Black Yoshi KaizoGT Google Drive
Crash Bandicoot DJ Lowgey SendSpace
Darky Luigi DarkyBenji Darky Gallery
Darky Mario DarkyBenji Darky Gallery
Dixie Kong Ohthatsjustgr8 SendSpace
Emerl the Gizoid Slawter SendSpace
Fire Mario Toni Kart MediaFire
Fire Luigi Toni Kart
Golden Mario Tyletron
Hammer Bro. DJ Lowgey SendSpace
Kamek DJ Lowgey SendSpace
Larry Koopa Pepo 2000 MediaFire
Lucario LuigiGalaxy530 Google Sites
May LuigiGalaxy530 Google Sites
Metal Mario Yellow Yoshi ge.tt
Negatif Daisy DarkyBenji Darky Gallery
Negatif Peach DarkyBenji Darky Gallery
Ninja Koops9999vr
Pac-Man DJ Lowgey SendSpace
Rayman DJ Lowgey SendSpace
Sonic the Hedgehog SuperMario64DS Dropbox
Speedy Spirit LuigiGalaxy530 Google Sites
White Mage Slawter SendSpace
Title Author Link
Blaziken LuigiGalaxy530 Google Sites
Classic Wario TravixMan SendSpace
Darky Funky Kong DarkyBenji Darky Gallery
Darky Rosalina DarkyBenji Darky Gallery
Deoxys ThePrimalYoshi MediaFire
Gardevoir DarkyBenji Darky Gallery
Groudon LuigiGalaxy530 Google Sites
King Dedede Ohthatsjustgr8 SendSpace
Link Ohthatsjustgr8 SendSpace
Misty LuigiGalaxy530
Pianta DJ Lowgey SendSpace
Roy Koopa TravixMan SendSpace
Wreck-It Ralph DJ Lowgey SendSpace
Zekrom LuigiGalaxy530 Google Sites

Character Packs

These are Character Packs. They can be modeled or textured.

Title Author Link
MKW Character Pack Huili Google Drive
Character Kart Wii Natnew mariokartwii.com
Myron's Texture Characters Pack Myron085 MediaFire
HackSizer's Model Swap Pack HackSizer MediaFire
Sonic Kart Wii Characters Pack ShadowLuigi-NG- Dropbox
Zombie Reloaded MatrixMode MediaFire
Peugeot 106 xBlue98 MEGA
Peugeot 206 xBlue98 SendSpace
Angry Birds Pepo2000 SendSpace
Misc. Hacks

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