List of Custom Battle Arenas

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This is a list of all the custom battle arenas created for Mario Kart Wii. Battle Track Edits are on a separate page.

Battle Arena List

Currently there is no support planned or implemented for these tracks.

Title Author Date of Latest Version
8-Bit Road Nuke, SpyKid, KantoEpic 2017-12-26
Bash 'n' Dash 'n' Battle Wiimm 2018-08-21
Bumper's Battle Base JαmεςH 2018-09-09
Circle Putinas 2011-06-12
Cheese Arena 1 Retrostyle12 2018-09-25
Dawn Arena Jiyuu 2019-03-04
Death Chamber 1 Retrostyle12 2017-07-06
Death Chamber 3 Retrostyle12 2019-01-11
Delfino House igorseabra4 2010-11-29
Farm Battle 4IT★Lecce 2016-05-26
Fire Crater igorseabra4 2016-11-02
Fragezeichen mrexodia97 2011-05-28
Heart of China Wingcapman 2014-04-02
House Battle 4IT★Lecce 2015-07-28
Lecce Battle 2 4IT★Lecce 2015-08-17
Lecce Battle 3 4IT★Lecce 2015-11-27
Lecce's Block Battle 4IT★Lecce 2015-08-30
Mario's Battle Garden 4IT★Lecce 2015-09-14
Moonview Plaza NintenYoshi 2018-08-04
Mushroom Canyon Yoshivert99 2017-05-24
New Tube Place MrExodia97 2011-05-18
Paper Battlefield ALPHAMARIOX 2011-02-19
Place of Pipes mrexodia97 2011-05-22
Poop Battlefield NewSuperMoiWii 2014-04-26
Sunny Beach Yoshivert99 2018-10-31
Thwomp Battle 4IT★Lecce 2016-05-26
Titoun Island Martinkwii 2018-01-07
Trophy Arena ShadowLuigi-NG- 2012-11-17
Turtle Top igorseabra4 2016-06-14
Twisted Towers Bri911 2018-07-11
Varemi's Circle Arena varemi 2018-04-05
Wild Canyon 2 Retrostyle12 2017-07-04