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(Individual Downloads)
(Individual Downloads)
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! colspan=2 {{unknown|Fake Item Box (Item)}}
! colspan=2 {{unknown|Fake Item Box (Item)}}
| none || - || - || -
| Brick Block || Texture || [[Darkmario957]] || [http://www.mediafire.com/download/zqre9117go737hm/itemBoxNiseRtpa.brres MediaFire]
! colspan=2 {{unknown|jugem_battle.brres}}
! colspan=2 {{unknown|jugem_battle.brres}}

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Common.szs includes many things used by Mario Kart Wii. These things can be customized to change the look and feel of the game drastically. Want a Mario Kart 7-style Wingless Spiny Shell? That's possible. Want your green shells to be purple? Doable. Want your bananas to look like sausages? That's possible too. Want a Bullet Bill that looks like Bill Cosby? Not done yet, but.. we're getting there.

Misc. Item Hacks

An Item Hack is a hack of any item in Mario Kart Wii. They are usually in .brres format, and are to be inserted into Common.szs using CTools, or SZS Modifier (if the file size is unchanged). These files include: Items used by players/CPUs, Lakitu and his signs, Lakitu's fishing pole, the bullet bill, balloons, star power color, bomb explosions, lens flare and Rosalina's Luma. These types of hacks are commonly released as a pack, so both individual items and packs will be listed here.

Individual Downloads

Item Hacks
Title Type Author Download
balloon.brres Balloon (Battle Object)
Yellow and Green Balloons Model Atlas 4shared
banana.brres Banana (Item)
Ice Flower Model CaronHT -
Oddish Model ALPHAMARIOX -
Crab/Sidestepper Model Thed0ra7z -
big_kinoko.brres Mega Mushroom (Item)
Negative Mega Mushroom Texture Darkybenji Mediafire
Red Mega Mushroom with Yellow Dots Model Atlas 4shared
bomb.brres Bob-omb (Item)
Red Bomb Texture MT vortex Not yet
Dark and Light Blue Bomb Model Atlas 4shared
Shiny Voltorb Texture/.CHR0 Animation Atlas Download private, ask to Atlas in YouTube (AtlasOmegaAlpha)
bombCore.brres Bob-omb and Spiny Shell explosions
none - - -
driver.brres Driver animations (only contains chr0 and clr0 files)
none - - -
gesso.brres Blooper (Item)
White Poisoned Blooper Model Atlas 4shared
item_killer.brres Bullet Bill (Item, when dropped)
Wisp Drill (Video) Model KTH Dropbox
item_light.brres Item Glow (circles around items in team mode)
none - - -
itemBoxNiseRtpa.brres Fake Item Box (Item)
Brick Block Texture Darkmario957 MediaFire
jugem_battle.brres Lakitu's "X" Sign (unused?)
none - - -
jugem_flag.brres Lakitu's Flag
Greece flag Texture Atlas 4shared
jugem_lamp.brres Lakitu's Warning Light
Green lamp Color (.CLR0) edit Atlas 4shared
jugem_reverse.brres Lakitu's "Wrong Way" Sign
Coffee Cup with "Keep Calm" written sign Texture Atlas 4shared
jugemu.brres Lakitu
Light Green Lakitu with Red and Blue shell in Dark Cloud with Funky Kong Glasses Texture Atlas 4shared
Awesome Face Cloud and Happy Lakitu Texture Darkmario957 MediaFire
jugemu_lap.brres Lakitu's "Lap __" Sign, and numbers
none - - -
jugemu_lapf.brres Lakitu's "Final Lap" sign
"Troll Lap" Sign (Port to Common_X.szs) Texture Atlas 4shared
jugemu_signal.brres Lakitu's Countdown Lights
White and Coloured Puzzle Signal Texture Atlas 4shared
kart_killer.brres Bullet Bill (In Use)
Banzai Bill Model George35000vr -
Blue Bullet with red shine and green fire Texture Atlas 4shared
The veeeery requested Turning-Ultimate Bullet Bill Video Model/.CHR0 Animation Atlas 4shared
Chain Chomp Model/Port George35000vr -
Master Hand (Video) Model ShadowLuigi-NG- -
kinoko.brres Super Mushroom (Item)
1up Mushroom model CaronHT -
Poison Mushroom Texture Darkmario957 MediaFire
Blue Mushroom Texture Atlas 4shared
Yellow Mushroom Texture Atlas 4shared
Purple Mushroom Texture Atlas 4shared
Turquoise Mushroom Texture Atlas 4shared
Orange Mushroom Texture Atlas 4shared
Pink Mushroom Texture Atlas 4shared
Black Mushroom Texture Atlas 4shared
Snowy Mushroom Texture Atlas 4shared
White Mushroom Texture Atlas 4shared
Ultimate Dangerous Mushroom! (Black and yellow) Atlas 4shared
Dark Blue Face Mushroom with White Head and Red Dots Model Atlas 4shared
kinoko_p.brres Golden Mushroom (Item, when dropped
Coloured Puzzle King Mushroom Texture Atlas 4shared
Blue Sonic's Shoe Texture Atlas 4shared
koura_green.brres Green Shell (Item)
Ferroseed Model ALPHAMARIOX -
Green penguin (Model preview) Model ported/Texture Atlas 4shared
koura_red.brres Red Shell (Item)
Ferroseed Model/Texture ALPHAMARIOX -
Red penguin (Model preview) Model ported/Texture Atlas 4shared
Honeball (Screenshot) Model Tock Mediafire
kumo.brres Thundercloud (Item)
Red ThunderCloud Texture Atlas 4shared
Boo (Video) Model Koops9999vr Mediafire
lensflare.brres Lens Flare effects
none - - -
pow_bloc.brres Pow Block (Item, when dropped)
Blue Cube model CaronHT -
Coloured Puzzle Cube Texture Atlas 4shared
pow_bloc_plane.brres Pow Block (Item, in use)
Blue Cube model CaronHT -
Coloured Puzzle Cube Texure Atlas 4shared
rod.brres Lakitu's Fishing Pole
Red and golden fishing pole Texture Atlas 4shared
star.brres Star (Item, When dropped)
Coin Texture/Model Darkmario957 MediaFire
Special star flag of Canada Texture Atlas 4shared
Special star flag of China Texture Atlas 4shared
Special star flag of England Texture Atlas 4shared
Special star flag of France Texture Atlas 4shared
Special star flag of Germany Texture Atlas 4shared
Special star flag of Greece Texture Atlas 4shared
Special star flag of Greenland Texture Atlas 4shared
Special star flag of India Texture Atlas 4shared
Special star flag of Iran Texture Atlas 4shared
Special star flag of Italy Texture Atlas 4shared
Special star flag of Japan Texture Atlas 4shared
Special star flag of Korea Texture Atlas 4shared
Special star flag of the Netherlands Texture Atlas 4shared
Special star flag of Philipinnes Texture Atlas 4shared
Special star flag of Portugal Texture Atlas 4shared
Special star flag of Spain Texture Atlas 4shared
Special star flag of USA Texture Atlas 4shared
Special star flag of Wales Texture Atlas 4shared
thunder.brres Lightning (Item, When dropped)
Green thunder Texture Atlas 4shared
Red thunder Texture Atlas 4shared
tico.brres Rosalina's Luma
Victini Model ALPHAMARIOX -
Green Luma with red eyes Texture/.CHR0 animation Atlas 4shared
togezo_koura.brres Spiny Shell (Item)
Latios Model/Port Guilmon35249vr -
Murkrow Model ALPHAMARIOX -
Penguin Model Tock Mediafire
Wingless Spiny Shell Model Guilmon35249vr -
Blue Yoshi Egg (Untested) Model/Texture Atlas 4shared
Bront Model/Port Atlas Mediafire
Starman Model/Port Atlas Mediafire


Item Hacks
Title Author Download
Metalkingboo's item pack MetalKingboo http://www.mediafire.com/?p9wf3ozncez3bju
MrMario's item pack CaronHT http://www.mediafire.com/download/bi8ulrt9u4l7nzn/MrMario's_Item_Pack.zip
Mole Kart items(BETA)(Video) 1544C https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4l4kqn5ZLhXa28xSVpPYWROa28/edit?usp=sharing
BF/4IT°Lecce Item/Effect Pack v.1 4IT-Lecce http://www.mediafire.com/download/arvuvqu4jzyd6ei/Common.szs
BF/4IT°Lecce Item/Effect Pack v.2 4IT-Lecce http://www.mediafire.com/download/uzxg9aa7dp0n5tn/common_2014.szs

Effect Hacks

Mario Kart Wii makes heavy use of breft and breff files to create effects, like sand around your wheels, shell trails and even lightning. Graphics in these files can be modified through use of specific tools. Downloads listed here should be a zip, rar, or similar file that contains both a BREFT and a BREFF if necessary.

Effect Hacks
Title BREFT/BREFF Author Download
Mega99's Common (Effect edited) BREFT/BREFF NewSuperMega1999 http://www.mediafire.com/?a2vnim4w5zb84ei