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Common.szs includes many things used by Mario Kart Wii. These things can be customized to change the look and feel of the game drastically. This page focuses on changing the appearance of items and common objects in the game.

Misc. Item Hacks

An Item Hack is a hack of any item in Mario Kart Wii. They are usually in BRRES format, and are to be inserted into Common.szs using CTools, or SZS Modifier (if the file size is unchanged). These files include: Items used by racers, Lakitu and his signs, Lakitu's fishing pole, Bullet Bill, balloons, Star power color, Bob-omb explosions, lens flare and Rosalina's Luma. These types of hacks are commonly released as a pack, so both individual items and packs will be listed here.

Individual Downloads

Item Hacks
Title Type Author Download
balloon.brres Balloon (Battle Object)
Bunny Balloons Model/Port Atlas Discord
Mario Kart 8 Balloons Model/Port Tylercret Google Drive
banana.brres Banana (Item)
Camera Toad Model/Port Atlas Discord
Chibi Syrop Model/Port SuperOnion64
Mario Kart 8 Banana Model/Port Tylercret Google Drive
big_kinoko.brres Mega Mushroom (Item)
Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Mega Mushroom Model/Port Tylercret Google Drive
bomb.brres Bob-omb (Item)
Bagbagtchi Model/Port SuperOnion64
bombCore.brres Bob-omb and Spiny Shell explosions
Mario Kart 8 explosion Model/Port Tylercret Google Drive
Rainbow “+420” explosion Model/Texture/SRT0 animation Atlas Discord
driver.brres Driver animations (only contains CHR0 and CLR0 files)
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! yellow star color CLR0 animation Tylercret Goole Drive
gesso.brres Blooper (Item)
Squishy (enemy from Kirby) Model/Port/CHR0 animation Atlas Discord
item_killer.brres Bullet Bill (Item, when dropped)
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon Alexander's arm Model edit/Port Atlas Discord
item_light.brres Item Glow (circles around items in team mode)
itemBoxNiseRtpa.brres Fake Item Box (Item)
Minecraft TNT Block Model Atlas Discord
jugem_battle.brres Lakitu's "X" Sign (unused)
jugem_flag.brres Lakitu's Flag
Mario Kart 8 Lakitu's Flag Model/Port Atlas Discord
jugem_lamp.brres Lakitu's Reverse Light
jugem_reverse.brres Lakitu's "Wrong Way" Sign
Mario Kart 8 Lakitu's Reverse Sign Model/Port/Texture/CLR0 animation Atlas Discord
jugemu.brres Lakitu
jugemu_lap.brres Lakitu's "Lap __" Sign, and numbers (unused, used from Common_*.szs instead)
jugemu_lapf.brres Lakitu's "Final Lap" sign (unused, used from Common_*.szs instead)
jugemu_signal.brres Lakitu's Countdown Lights
Mario Kart 8 Lakitu's Countdown Lights Model/Port Tylercret Google Drive
kart_killer.brres Bullet Bill (In Use)
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon Alexander's arm Model/Port Atlas Discord
Headphones Bullet Bill Model edit/Port Atlas Discord
Quad Rainbow transparent Bullet Bill Model edit/CHR0 animation Atlas Discord
Salamence Model/Port Atlas Discord
Turning King Bill Model edit/Port/CHR0 animation Atlas Discord
kinoko.brres Super Mushroom (Item)
Mario Kart 8 Mushroom Model/Port Tylercret Google Drive
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Mushroom Model/Port Tylercret Google Drive
kinoko_p.brres Golden Mushroom (Item, when dropped)
Mario Kart 8 Golden Mushroom Model/Port Tylercret Google Drive
koura_green.brres Green Shell (Item)
N64 logo Model/Port Atlas Discord
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Shells Model/Port Tylercret Google Drive
koura_red.brres Red Shell (Item)
Honeball (Screenshot) Model/Port Tock
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Shells Model/Port Tylercret Google Drive
Yoshi Egg Model/Port SuperOnion64
kumo.brres Thunder Cloud (Item)
Metroid Model/Port Atlas Discord
Ocho Model Atlas Discord
PAC-Cloud Model/Port/CHR0 animation Atlas Discord
Rathalos Model/Port/CHR0 animation Gabe
Sad Cat Thunder Cloud Model/CHR0 animation Atlas AVSYS
lensflare.brres Lens Flare effects
Atlas's Lens Texture Atlas Discord
pow_bloc.brres POW Block (Item, when dropped)
Mario Kart 8 Super Horn Model Atlas Discord
Super Mario 3D World POW Block Model/Port Tylercret Google Drive
pow_bloc_plane.brres POW Block (Item, in use)
Thwomp Model/Port Atlas Discord
rod.brres Lakitu's Fishing Pole
star.brres Star (Item, When dropped)
Starmon Model edit/Port Atlas Discord
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Power Star Model/Port Tylercret Google Drive
thunder.brres Lightning (Item, when dropped)
tico.brres Rosalina's Luma
Hello Kitty Model/Port SuperOnion64
Super Mario Galaxy Luma Model/Port Tylercret Google Drive
togezo_koura.brres Spiny Shell (Item)
Alatreon (Monster Hunter) Model Gabe
Bront (Enemy from Kirby) Model/Port Atlas Discord
Galaga Boss Model/Port SuperOnion64
Mario Kart 8 Blue Shell Model/Port/CHR0 animation Tylercret Google Drive
Penguin Model Tock


Item Hacks
Title Author Download
HD Common.szs and custom trophies Tylercret Google Drive
Hover! Item Pack (Video) MrTamkis MediaFire
Mole Kart Items (Beta) (Video) 1544C Google Drive
MrMario's Item Pack Caron Google Drive
RoGamer's Item Pack RoGamer Discord
SolarZ's Item Pack SolarZ Dropbox

Effect Hacks

Mario Kart Wii makes heavy use of BREFT and BREFF files to create effects, like sand around the wheels, Red/Green Shell trails and even lightning. Graphics in these files can be modified through use of specific tools. Downloads listed here should be a zip, rar, or similar file that contains both a BREFT and a BREFF if necessary.

Effect Hacks
Title BREFT/BREFF Author Download
None - - -