Lemmy Koopa

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Lemmy Koopa
Author: TravixMan
Version: v1.0
Release date: 2013-02-23
Editors used: 3ds Max, BrawlBox, CTools, GIMP
Download: SendSpace


Lemmy Koopa is one of the Koopalings and rides all vehicles with Koopa Troopa's animations, originally over Baby Peach.[1] He has only one kart recolor for now, and has an allkart.szs, which the author forgot to put in.



Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2013-02-23 First release
v1.5 2014-??-?? Fixes on a couple of things
  • Added in allkart.szs
  • Kart recolors
Koopaling Pack v0.5 2016-7-11 Sucessor


  1. http://www.mariowiki.com/Lemmy_Koopa
By the same author: TravixMan