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Improperly configured camera settings can cause game crashes during opening pans, replays and post-match winning laps. Back up your KMP before you start editing.

Good cameras will make your level look much more professional, but editing them can be difficult to master.

Camera Editing

Cameras can be placed like any normal object. The position only matters when using certain camera settings. Cameras are found in the CAME section of the KMP Editor.

Opening Pans

File:CAME LuigiM.png

The first two digits in the first settings box indicate the type of camera. Opening pans have the setting 05. The length of time each camera is displayed is set in z5. Their values will be 220, 257 and 294; this is to synch the camera transitions with the opening music. Normally, the first 3 cameras listed (by id) will be the three opening pans, but this can vary. There are also normally two unused cameras with setting 05 at the end of the listing; these were apparently for setting up the pans shown in the background videos on the track selection screen. These cameras can be edited, but to be safe, make sure to have all five. For Wimm's analysis go to Wiimms Opening Pan Analysis.

File:CAME2 LuigiM.png

The last two numbers in the first settings box control the Route used. A value of FF means the camera does not use a route. You can find the Opening Route Sections so:

As example in the pic I used SNES Ghost Valley 2. Take the first CAME with the z5 as 220, here it is CAME ID 11. Take the Route Settings, here it is "0D", or only D.

And now use Hex Calculator: D+1=E

Now convert it to Decimal: E=14

Finally: The first Opening Route Section is Route Section 14.

It also works for Object.

Do it with the other two numbers and you have the Opening Routes for your Opening CAMEs.

Now there is another problem. If you drag the Opening CAMEs, nothing will happen. The Routes are showing to the same points. That is, because the CAMEs with Setting 05 doesn't controll the position of the cameras. They controlls only the Time and can choose the Routes. You have to test the other CAME positions. Drag them to other, diffrent points and experiment which CAMEs choose the Opening Positions.

CAME Types

File:CAME3 LuigiM.png

  • 00 = Camera immediately after finishing (the one that looks at you)
  • 01 = ObjClip: Stays in one position but always points to the player. Used during replays.
  • 02 = PathSearch
  • 03 = KartFollow
  • 04 = KartPathFollow
  • 05 = Opening Pans
  • 06 = OP_PathMoveAt
  • 07 = MiniGame
  • 08 = MissionSuccess (left over from MKDS)

See also CAME for the description of Settings and other Values.



AREA camera bean.png

AREA with Camera Trigger 00 are the acctivators for the CAMEs after the race. If you drive in the near of one AREA after the race, it will acctivate the CAME that is written in the Settings (watch at the pics).

See also Cameras/Reference

See also AREA.

Camera Analysis by MrBean35000vr and Wiimm

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