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(Names in Other Languages)
(Names in Other Languages)
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|de=Im Traumfänger
|de=Im Traumfänger
|it=Dentro l'Acchiappasogni

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Inside the Dreamcatcher
Creator: Wingcapman
Designer: Wingcapman
Release date:
Editors used: Sketchup, CTools, SZS Modifier, BrawlBox, Photoshop CS3


Inside the Dreamcatcher is Wingcapman's second custom track. This track is based of the ideas about how and what happens if you try to simulate a dream... However, this track is not finished yet as the author is not really happy about how it looks, so the author will experiment with it until he decides to upload it.

Most custom tracks use laps as how you are supposed to finish a round/lap. However, since Nintendo has made sections in Mario Kart 7, this idea is reused later on. Inside the Dreamcatcher will also use sections.


The track is split in three sections:

- A nice, peaceful and original Super Mario-related beach area.

This area has some islands with Super Mario World-related mountains around them. There are some bouncy note blocks where you jump from island to island. There's also something interesting on top of one of these mountains!

- One nightmare part which is actually based on one of Wingcapman's old dreams he had when he was a little boy.

Now this one will be interesting for the newcomers. Imagine how you dream or how dreams works again: You're dreaming about a peaceful area, and when you're trying to jump into something, open a door, or even just go through a tunnel, the area where you're going to enter is not always the place you want to see. Sometimes you get in a beautiful area, and sometimes you trigger a nightmare. In a nightmare, there's always a chance that you can't run, use weapons or even escape. Well, once you trigger/enter the nightmare section, you instantly lose your items! This area has some strong red effects so that it makes the area a bit more scary, and there will be a lot of hazards which can stop you from going forward too, so watch out! ... At the end of this madness, you fly through a tunnel of light, which brings you back to a whole new area you wished to go... Or... Not?

- And a section where the dream-simulator is out of control and glitches places as if everything looks cut off, unfinished or just plain silly.

The last section is absolutely ridiculously hard. We strongly recommend to practice and learn how the physics work in this custom track before playing on it for real. In this area, you'll see pixelated floors, walls and backgrounds. This is where the dream-simulator gets insane and gets out of control; it's very unstable at this point. This area is actually based of how games can get corrupted. Some games only get graphical issues, but some also get a whole new layout with corrupted graphics! The background uses a variation of blue tints of blue tiles, while the floor and walls share textures which look quite the same as Mario Kart DS's collision test track - Pipe Course/dokan_course. This area also lacks splash effects and items to attack with, so you basically only can bump your opponents, which is a high chance because some corrupted paths are very hard to drive on.


There's no download link of this track yet because the track is not ready to be uploaded yet. However, if you want to see how it looks like, you can see it on Wingcapman's Tumblr, which basically contains all the kinds of media you'd expect from this track.

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v?.? Future Release First public release.

Custom Track Distributions

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Names in Other Languages

Dutch: In de Dromenvanger
German: Im Traumfänger
Italian: Dentro l'Acchiappasogni
Spanish: En el Atrapasueños


¹ This track contains a different difficulty for each section. Section 1 isn't that hard (4.5/10), section 2 is already a lot harder (7.5/10) and the last section is insanely hard to drive on (9.5/10).