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| Korean || 얼음 산
| Korean || 얼음 산
| Spanish (PAL) || Cima Helada  
| Spanish (NTSC) || Cima Helada  
| Spanish (NTSC) || Cumbre Gélida
| Spanish (PAN) || Cumbre Gélida
| Greek || Παγωμένη Βουνοκορφή
| Greek || Παγωμένη Βουνοκορφή

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Icy Mountaintop
Creator: Guilmon35249vr
Designer: Guilmon35249vr
Version: RC1
Video: YouTube
Download: MediaFire

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Icy Mountaintop is a Custom Track made by Guilmon35249vr which has a winter theme to it, hence the name. You start with a sudden turn near the start, a small drop then a cannon. From there, you go up a slope, over a bridge into a cave. You jump down a few steps and over a large gap, then you follow the road round to end the lap. A daytime version and a night time version of this track exist to the public, however many people have stated that the daytime version is too bright (thus making it difficult or unpleasant to race on) so the night time version was chosen to appear in the CTGP Revolution.

In the release video this track was referred to as Guilly's Icy Mountaintop, referencing the name of the creator (Guilmon35249vr), however as time went on the prefix of the creator's name was slowly dropped and now does not feature in the CTGP Revolution pack - which lists the track simply as Icy Mountaintop. Also, due to the Spanish word for icy being "helado", there were some problems with translating this track to have a name different to Helado Mountain and Icy Mountains, as technically they could all have been called Montaña Helado.


Night time version of the track (CTGPR Version)
Day time version of the track


  • The big jump is too long, it's too hard to actually make it across in 100cc races.
  • When there are cracks on the right side of the road, falling in gets you stuck.
  • Driving backward in certain areas triggers fall boundries.

Version History

Version Date of release Information
RC1 (Night time) 2010-08-22 First release

Custom Track Distributions

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Names in Other Languages

The translated names for this track as they appear in CTGP Revolution:

Language Track Name
Dutch Ijzige Bergtop
French Mont GlaGla
German Eisige Bergspitze
Italian Vette Gelate
Japanese アイスマウンテントップ
Korean 얼음 산
Spanish (NTSC) Cima Helada
Spanish (PAN) Cumbre Gélida
Greek Παγωμένη Βουνοκορφή
Portuguese Cume Gelado
Polish Szczyt Góry Lodowej
By the same author: Guilmon35249vr

Banned from MediaFire, old downloads are not working. Look here for them instead.

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