Hifumi Kart Wii

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Hifumi Kart Wii
Authors: CBWDYM, Zappg, Luna and Nabstablook
Current Version: Beta Testing
Type: Riivolution
Number of Tracks: 120
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Hifumi Kart Wii is an in-progress distribution developed by CBWDYM, Zappg, Luna and Nabstablook. It will feature 112 custom tracks, custom textures, custom music and a variety of game modes which all have their own Wiimmfi regions.


Hifumi Kart Wii will feature 5 gamemodes in the first release, these gamemodes are:

  • God Spear : Inspired by TWD98s Golden Runner Video (Which you can find here), the Golden Runner will return to be in Hifumi Kart Wii! .. but obviously, as the spear :D
  • 200cc : Just your regular 200cc game mode, nothing more, nothing less.
  • Countdown Mode : Countdown Mode is a fun gamemode developed by MrBean35000vr. Click on it to find out more
  • Anarchy : Anarchy Mode is a game mode that will feature exclusively in Hifumi Kart Wii. The item table is modified so you mainly get Green Shells and Red Shells (Triple or Single). The only way you can protect yourself from the bombardment of shells is via a Mega Mushroom, which you have a small chance of getting in an item box.
  • Infinite Shrooms : This mode does what it says on the tin! It's regular Hifumi Kart Wii, but you have a lifetime supply of shrooms!


  • CBWDYM and Luna : head developers, responsible for building the pack
  • Zappg : texture hacks and GFX
  • Nabstablook : English to Japanese translations and help with the NTSC-J release