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|ru=GBA Закатные дебри
|ru=GBA Закатные дебри
|es={{yes|GBA Reserva Natural del Poniente}}
|es={{yes|GBA Reserva Natural del Poniente}}
|el=Άγρια Απογεύματα

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Sunset Wilds is a retro race course from Mario Kart: Super Circuit. It is the last track of the Lightning Cup.

Original Version

Currently, there are two different versions of this track:

Names in Other Languages

Dutch: GBA Zaterdag Woestijn
French: GBA Pays Crépuscule
German: GBA Sonnenuntergangs-Wüste
Italian: GBA Tramonto selvaggio
Japanese: GBA サンセットこうや
Korean: GBA 선셋 광야
Portuguese: GBA Reserva Natural ao Pôr-do-sol
Russian: GBA Закатные дебри
Spanish: GBA Reserva Natural del Poniente
Greek: Άγρια Απογεύματα
Polish: -
Finnish: -
Swedish: -
Czech: -
Danish: -