Fishdom Island (BigOto2)

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Fishdom Island
Creator: BigOto
Designer: BigOto
Version: v6
Video: YouTube
Download: MediaFire

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Fishdom Island is a custom track that takes place on a series of small islands. Two have giant hotels on them, one on the main island and one of which is no longer accessible in version 6.0. There is also a beach, multiple windmills, and a dock with many boats. In version 6.0 and above Thunder City is visible in the background. Currently texture hacked night-time versions are available for versions 4 and 5.

This level was also ported to Mario Kart DS by Ermelber (but he never released it).


Made by BigOto

Version History

Version Date of release Information
BETA 2010-07-27 A preview to get opinions
RC1 2010-07-30 First public release
RC2 2010-08-06 Added holes in the beach and moved a few trees.
RC2.5 2010-08-14 Added proper KCL variants and attempted fixing some KCL errors.
RC3 2010-09-06 Non-DK Mountain objects added.
RC4 2010-12-21 Model repatched over Coconut Mall. More objects added. Holes in beach changed to puddles.
RC4N 2010-12-21 Nighttime version. Used in some of Wiimm's distributions.
v5 2011-08-03 Added surrounding islands, yachts, and two hotels.
v6 2011-10-02 Adds texture mapping
v7 2013-??-?? In development. Model re-done in 3DS Max, adds detail, adds vertex colors.

Custom Track Distributions

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Names in Other Languages

The translated names for this track as they appear in CTGP Revolution:

Language Track Name
Dutch Fishdom Eiland
French Île Fishdom
German Fishdom Insel
Italian Isola dei Pesci
Japanese フィッシュダムアイランド
Korean 피시돔 섬
Spanish Isla Fishdom
Swedish Fishdom Ön
Greek Νησί Φίσντομ
Portuguese Ilha Fishdom
Polish Wyspa Fishdom