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This article describes the directory /Race/TimeAttack/ghost1 of the Mario Kart Wii DVD (PAL and NTSC release). Read »Filesystem« for an introduction.

This folder contains RKG ghost files used for normal staff ghosts.



ghost1_comp_00.rkg (size=2016)
ghost1_comp_01.rkg (size=1452)
ghost1_comp_02.rkg (size=3348)
ghost1_comp_03.rkg (size=3076)
ghost1_comp_04.rkg (size=2108)
ghost1_comp_05.rkg (size=2152)
ghost1_comp_06.rkg (size=4528)
ghost1_comp_07.rkg (size=3008)
ghost1_comp_08.rkg (size=1840)
ghost1_comp_09.rkg (size=1848)
ghost1_comp_10.rkg (size=3012)
ghost1_comp_11.rkg (size=2268)
ghost1_comp_12.rkg (size=2684)
ghost1_comp_13.rkg (size=2168)
ghost1_comp_14.rkg (size=2536)
ghost1_comp_15.rkg (size=2684)
ghost1_comp_16.rkg (size=2344)
ghost1_comp_17.rkg (size=1928)
ghost1_comp_18.rkg (size=1640)
ghost1_comp_19.rkg (size=5624)
ghost1_comp_20.rkg (size=2768)
ghost1_comp_21.rkg (size=2360)
ghost1_comp_22.rkg (size=2732)
ghost1_comp_23.rkg (size=3468)
ghost1_comp_24.rkg (size=1092)
ghost1_comp_25.rkg (size=3376)
ghost1_comp_26.rkg (size=3216)
ghost1_comp_27.rkg (size=3692)
ghost1_comp_28.rkg (size=1120)
ghost1_comp_29.rkg (size=2204)
ghost1_comp_30.rkg (size=2140)
ghost1_comp_31.rkg (size=2528)