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Author: DarkyBenji
Type: Riivolution
Tracks: 77 Tracks
Battle: 10 Battle Tracks
Current Version: v5.1
Webpage: Darky Gallery
Release: 2013-09-12


This is a Mario Kart Wii texture hack distribution by DarkyBenji with many of his textures. It's compatible with CTGP Revolution, but for the moment, the timer will be yellow in CTGP because StaticR.rel gets patched in there.


v5 Preview

Mushroom Cup

Original track Replaced track Version Music
Luigi Circuit Darky Circuit v1.0 MLP x Mario Kart Toad Circuit and Mario Circuit ~Pinkie Pie GP Remix~ KSX37 Edition
Rollercoasting v1.0 Rollercoasting - Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix
Moo Moo Meadows Moo Moo Caverns v1.0 Super Paper Mario - Floro Sapien Caverns
Mushroom Gorge Country Gorge v4.0 Donkey Kong Country Returns Weighty Way
Planet Wisp v2.0 Sonic Generations Modern Planet Wisp
Sky Sanctuary v1.0 Sonic Generations Modern Sky Sanctuary
Humongous Fungus v1.0 Super Mario Galaxy 2 Humongous Fungus Galaxy (Fanmade Theme)
Mushroom Hill v1.0 Sonic Generations Mushroom Hill (Classic Sonic)
Toad's Factory Prison Lane v2.0 Sonic Adventure 2 Prison Lane
Chemical Plant v1.0 Sonic Generations Modern Chemical Plant
Fleet Glide Galaxy v1.0 Super Mario Galaxy 2 Fleet Glide Galaxy
Megalo Stadium v1.0 Sonic Rider Megalo Stadium
Security Hall v1.0 Sonic Adventure Security Hall

Flower Cup

Original track Replaced track Version Music
Mario Circuit Darky Circuit v1.0 MLP x Mario Kart Toad Circuit and Mario Circuit ~Pinkie Pie GP Remix~ KSX37 Edition
Rollercoasting v1.0 Rollercoasting - Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix
Coconut Mall Darky Gallery v2.0 Sonic Mega Collection Plus Intro
DK Summit Pic Plains v1.0 Super Smash Bros. Brawl The Plain
Sweet Mountain v2.0 Sweet Mountain Act1 Act3
Wario's Gold Mine Windy Valley v1.0 Sonic Adventure DX Windy Valley 3

Star Cup

Original track Replaced track Version Music
Daisy Circuit Casino Park v1.0 Sonic Heroes Casino Park
Tropical Resort v4.0 Sonic Colors Tropical Resort Act 1Act 2
Windmill Isle Day v1.0 Sonic Unleashed Windmill Isle Day
Koopa Cape Emerald Coast 2 v2.0 Sonic Adventure DX Emerald Coast
Seaside Hill v1.0 Sonic Heroes Seaside Hill
Aquarium Park 2 v1.0 Sonic Colours Aquarium Park Remix
Maple Treeway Forest Maze v1.1 Super Smash Bros. Brawl Forest Maze
Dragon Road v1.0 Sonic Unleashed Chun-Nan Dragon Road Day
Grumble Volcano Asteroide Coaster v1.0 Sonic Colors Asteroid Coaster Act1 Act3
Ice Cap v1.0 Sonic Generations Twinkle Snow ClassicModern

Special Cup

Original track Replaced track Version Music
Dry Dry Ruins Castle of Time v1.0 Castlevania Harmony Of Despair: An Empty Tome

Order of Ecclesia:An Empty Tome

Sand Ocean v1.0 Sonic Adventure 2:Sand Ocean
Snow Ruins v3.0 Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Frozen Hillside
Moonwiew Highway City Escape v2.0 Sonic Generations: Classic City Escape
F-Zero Mute City v1.2 F-Zero GX: Mute City
Morning Sun v2.0 Sonic Adventure: At Dawn
Speed Highway v1.0 Sonic Generations: Speed Highway Classic
Bowser's Castle Bowser's Galaxy Generator v1.0 Super Mario Galaxy 2: Bowser's Galaxy Generator
Dark Bowser's Castle v2.0 Mario Super Sluggers: Bowser's Castle
Lost World v1.0 Sonic Adventure DX: Lost World
Rainbow Road
Darky Road v4.0 ふぉれすとぴれお: The infant daughter Frandle
Heaven Road v1.5 Banana Blitz: Ultra Heaven
Starlight Carnival v2.0 Sonic Colors: Starlight Carnival

Green Shell Cup

Original track Replaced track Version Music
GCN Peach Beach Aquarium Park v2.0 Sonic Colors: Aquarium Park Act1
Beach Bowl Galaxy v1.0 Super Mario Galaxy: Beach Bowl Galaxy
DS Yoshi Falls Egg Volcano v1.0 Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg: Circus Park Day 2
SNES Ghost Valley 2 DK Cruiser v2.0 Mario Sports Mix: DK Dock
Terminal Velocity v1.0 Sonic Colors: Terminal Velocity Act 1
N64 Mario Raceway Darky Raceway v1.0 OCR00982: Sonic Adventure 'The Twinkle Park Classic' OC ReMix [It Doesn't Matter, Twinkle Cart

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v4.0 2012-10-02
  • You can choose a country or a custom region for other texture hacks
  • You can enable bypass 20102
  • Blue menu and white menu is updated for backmodel.szs
  • Brlyt edited for "Live"
  • New textures added
  • Effect and item updated
  • Works with CTGP Revolution 1.02 beta
  • Some old textures updated
v4.5 2012-10-29
  • All menus are complete and updated
  • Dreamscape Castle is now Blue Castle
  • Aquarium Park v2 is here
  • Fixed problems with the CTGP menu (you must disable menu of DKW and select "with DKW" on CTGP settings)
  • New animation for countdown (work on CTGP Revolution and normal MKW)
  • New position animation (only works in MKW)
  • New font for countdown and symbol updated
  • You can choose the drift colors you want
v5.0 2013-07-10
  • 8 new textures added
  • 8 texture updates
  • Many textures have updated (small update)
  • Blue Castle is now Nightmare Castle
  • Speed Highway battle is replaced with Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla
  • Splash Hill battle is replaced with Sweet Battle
  • SFX edited
  • Menu has different music
  • CTGP + DKW more easy than before
  • Only 3 regions (2 different + your region (so white time only))
  • Darky item updated (v5)
  • New drift : Silver Star (special)
  • New drift : Green Star (special)
  • New drift : Luna/purple
  • Added multiplayer support for drift colors (use this for no lag)
  • CTGP MenuMulti fixed
  • Font updated
  • All custom fonts (Darky, Default, Outline, etc) now have the DKW custom icons (star, rank, etc)
  • New classic songs added
  • "My Stuff" folder added for custom characters, items, and tracks (doesn't really work for music sadly)
  • Invisible THP for Select Cup/Track/Battle
  • Darky Circuit on Winning and Loser cup scene
  • Some brstms fixed and updated
v5.1 2013-09-13
  • White time fixed for NTSC-U
  • White time is integrated on menu
  • Added a new custom character Gardevoir
  • All bike and kart textures are updated
  • Humongous Fungus updated
  • Menu updated (text edited)
By the same author: DarkyBenji

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