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|date of release= 2012-05-11
|date of release= 2012-05-11
|editors used=  
|editors used=  
|download 1= https://mega.nz/#!rcdGGLJS!iLZ3nOwpDMh8AxRL0Nuo4cmwdbu8Q2-DZNR-G-TzoUU
|download 1= https://download.wiimm.de/mkw-track-archive/DK%20Jungle%20Tour%20II%20RC1.1%20(HelloImYourMind)%20%5bWiimm%5d.wbz
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| First release
| First release
| [https://mega.nz/#!rcdGGLJS!iLZ3nOwpDMh8AxRL0Nuo4cmwdbu8Q2-DZNR-G-TzoUU RC1.1]
| [https://download.wiimm.de/mkw-track-archive/DK%20Jungle%20Tour%20II%20RC1.1%20(HelloImYourMind)%20%5bWiimm%5d.wbz RC1.1]
| 2012-05-11
| 2012-05-11
| Bug fixes by [[Wiimm]]:
| Bug fixes by [[Wiimm]]:

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DK Jungle Tour II
Author: HelloImYourMind
Version: RC1.1
Release date: 2012-05-11
Editors used:
Download: wiimm.de


DK Jungle Tour II is a sequel to DK Jungle Tour, since the model was 90% remade. Adds texture mapping and perhaps more difficulty to the race. The current version (as of 2012-05-03 version, by Wiimm) is still in a very early phase, it lacks important stuff, and is still a bit blank. HelloImYourMind has already considered remaking the model again, even though it will still be called "DKJTII".

Issues and to-do list

  • No good camera setup yet.
  • Water animation was done before a MKW-compatible BrawlBox was released, so there will probably be lag. It is disabled from the KMP for all multiplayer modes though.
  • There are some wrong Y values for objects in the KMP.
  • Not sure if all respawns work correctly.
  • CPUs might get lost at some points and drive like fools.
  • The vrcorn (skybox) model needs fixing too.
  • Some KCL errors to fix.
  • Needs custom animation (for the waterfall mostly).


RC1.1 Online Race

Version History

Version Date of release Information
RC1 2012-05-03 First release
RC1.1 2012-05-11 Bug fixes by Wiimm:
  • Cannon point fixed.
  • Respawn points fixed.
  • Height of item boxes fixed.

Custom Track Distributions

This track is part of the following Custom Track Distributions:

Names in Other Languages

Dutch: DK's Jungle Tour 2
French: Tour de Jungle DK 2
German: DK Dschungeltour 2
Italian: Viale Giungla DK 2
Japanese: DKジャングルツアー2
Korean: DK 정글 투어2
Portuguese: Volta à Selva DK 2
Russian: Джунгли тур ДК 2
Spanish: Tour de la Jungla de DK 2 (NTSC)
Tour de la Jungla DK 2 (PAL)
Greek: Γύρος της Ζούγκλας ΝΚ 2
Polish: Tournée po Dżungli DK 2
Finnish: DK-viidakkoretki 2
Swedish: DK Djungelturné 2
Czech: DK Cesta Džunglí 2
Danish: DK Jungleturné 2