DK Jungle Tour

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DK Jungle Tour
Creator: HelloImYourMind
Designer: Demyx
Version: v1.2
Video: YouTube
Download: MediaFire
DK Jungle Tour II
Creator: HelloImYourMind
Designer: HelloImYourMind
Version: RC1.1
Video: YouTube
Download: MediaFire

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DK Jungle Tour 1


This CT was based on Demyx's design. Mind's 4th CT, it was, as a personal thing, an opportunity to improve his modelling skills, as well as Camera editing. The track is a jungle (as stated by the name), that features a cave, a suspension bridge, and driving on water, and there's also Special Itemboxes, that will only give away Stars or Mega Mushrooms. Most of the textures are taken from N64 DKJP, to give the track a hint of DK.




Version History and Download

Version Date of release Information
v1 2011-08-11 First Release.
v1.1 2011-08-20 KMP edits by Wiimm to remove glitches.
v1.2 2011-08-25 KMP edits by Wiimm to improve enemy and item routes.

Glitches in v1

  • If staring bullet bill direct behind the first cannon it try to drive backwards and into the wall. (→ Define a checkpoint directly in the landing zone.
  • I entering the finish line very left along the wall the lap counter does not increase. (→ make the check point line wider)
  • Some unnecessary fall boundaries.
  • There is one ultra short cut: If you turn back after the canon you can enter the left hand grass and drive along the wall to the river.

v1.1 & v1.2

Wiimm has improved the enemy and item routes:

  • Start position changed to allow short cut through grass.
  • Some more item points inserted to allow bullet bill after the cannon.
  • Enemies use short cuts if they carry the right item.
  • 25% of the Enemies try to get the special item (mega mushroom) in the river.
  • All enemies reach now the finish line.

DK Jungle Tour II


This is not a Version 2 of DKJT, it's to be considered a different track now, since the model was 90% remade. Adds texture mapping and perhaps more difficulty to the race. The current version (as of 2012-05-03 version, by Wiimm) is still in a very early phase, it lacks important stuff, and is still a bit blank. HelloImYourMind has already considered remaking the model again, even though it will still be called "DKJTII".



Version History and Download

Version Date of release Information
RC1 2012-05-03 First Release.
RC1.1 2012-05-20 Bug fixes by Wiimm.

Issues and ToDo list

  • No good camera setup yet
  • Water animation was done before a MKW-compatible BrawlBox was released, so there will probably be lag. It is disabled from the KMP for all Multiplayer modes though.
  • There are some wrong Y values for objects in the KMP
  • Not sure if all respawns work correctly
  • CPUs might get lost at some points and drive like fools.
  • The vrcorn (skybox) model needs fixing too.
  • Some KCL errors to fix
  • Needs custom animation (for the waterfall mostly)

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Foreign Names

The translations for this track as they appear in the CTGP Revolution (confirmed by native speakers)

Language Track Name
Dutch DK Jungle Tour
French Tour de Jungle DK
German DK Dschungeltour
Italian Viale Giungla
Japanese DKジャングルツアー
Korean DK 정글 투어
Spanish Tour de la Jungla DK
Greek ΓΚ Περιοδεία Ζούγκλας
Portuguese Volta à Selva DK
Polish Wycieczka po Dżungli DK