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A Custom Track Distribution is a collection of Custom Tracks, typically replacing the original 32 Mario Kart Wii courses with different, user-created tracks. Custom Track Distributions may also change other aspects of the game, such as menu colors, icons, in-game text, and fonts. Some distributions only include Texture Hacks or Custom Characters, or may add them in addition to Custom Tracks.

It is important that all users playing Custom Tracks together use the same distribution so that they all have the same set of tracks. Unless you are using a Custom Track Distribution with its own Online Region for Custom Tracks Worldwide (see Used Online Regions below) you should not play Worldwides online because you will be playing against players using normal Mario Kart Wii tracks. You should only play against other players using friend codes who are using the same distribution.

If you just want to play some of the newest tracks with some friends, it is not necessary to create a new distribution. Instead, you can use the My Stuff Folder feature to add tracks that will replace the default Mario Kart Wii Tracks. As long as you and your friends replace the same tracks (for example, all of you replace GCN Mario Circuit with the same track) you can play the new tracks online using friend codes.

Distribution Lists

Please read the Rules before changing any of the tables!

Current Distributions

Distribution Type Release Last
Status Author
MKW Hack Pack Riivolution & ISO Patcher 2015-04-18 2015-07-27 Released Huili
Wiimms Mario Kart Retro 2015-05 ISO Patcher &
Riivolution Generator
2015-05-10 released Wiimm
Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2015-03 ISO Patcher &
Riivolution Generator
2015-03-21 2015-03-28 released Wiimm
CTGP Classic Pack Riivolution 2015-01-15 2015-03-03 Released Jax53000VR
Jax CTGP Riivolution 2015-02-13 Released Jax53000VR
4tbMyles8110vr's CT Pack Riivolution 2014-06-06 Released 4tbMyles8110mkwii
Spade's Custom Track Pack Riivolution 2014-06-20 released Ugotowned35000vr
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Wii Riivolution 2014-05-29 2014-06-28 released Horsti12, ABR Speed, George35000vr, Super-Mario68, Basti1337ii, ShadowLuigi-NG-
Pro CT Pack Riivolution 2014-05-26 2015-02-01 released Huili, AC
Mario Kart Adventures ISO Patcher &
Riivolution Generator
2014-05-24 2015-01-05 released Helix, Nickname
Soarin's CT Pack X Riivolution 2014-04-01 released Soarin MKWII
Wine's CT Pack Riivolution 2014-01-28 2015-01-30 released Wine, Keiichi1996, Kyt, Dark, Hiroki, SpyKid
CTGP Revolution v1.03 Homebrew Application 2014-01-12 2015-03-18 released MrBean35000vr & Chadderz

Old and Outdated Distributions

Table with old and outdated Distributions

Announced Distributions

Distribution Type Announced
Status Author
Bradley, Joeey, Mini & Cyan's Speed Mod Pack Riivolution 2015-04 Unknown last update in 2015-07 Bradley, MiniPut, JσεεуTD & CyanYoshi98
Joeey, Cyan, Cyther & Bradley's Countdown Pack Riivolution 2015-04-26 2015-08-12 last update in 2015-07 JσεεуTD, CyanYoshi98, Cyther, Bradley, Horsti12 & MiniPut
Lumafreak's CT Distribution Riivolution 2015-07-24 end of 2015 (subject to change) project is currently WIP aplumafreak500
Mario Kart SNES & N64 Edition ISO Patcher 2014-09-22 last update in 2014-09 EvilM4ster

Cancelled Distributions

Table with cancelled Distributions

Used Game IDs

Some track collections are distributed as ISO Patcher. This will enable the users to have standalone ISOs and will support USB Loaders. USB Loaders select games by the ID6. Therefore it is wise for all ISO distributions use a different ID6. To play online, the ID4 (first 4 characters of the ID6) must be RMCP (PAL), RMCE (USA), RMCJ (Japan) or RMCK (Korea). The other 2 characters can be used to distinguish between the ISOs. Usually digits (0-9) and capitals (A-Z) are used. So there are 36*36=1296 possible IDs, more than enough.

The following table shows all used IDs to avoid conflicts.

Used ID by CT Distributions
ID Date Distribution Comment
RMCx01 2008-04-11 Nintendo's Mario Kart Wii Official release by Nintendo.
Wiimms Mario Kart Fun distributions
RMCx02 2010-02-14 Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2010-02 First private distribution of Jillian and Wiimm.
RMCx03 2010-10-21 Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2010-10 Second private distribution by Wiimm
2010-12-01 Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2010-12/private Third private distribution by Wiimm with 64 tracks and 2 discs.
RMCx06–27 2010–2015 Wiimms Mario Kart Fun Released and planned public distributions by Wiimm
RMCx28–59 Wiimms Mario Kart Fun Reserved for future distributions of Wiimm.
Other distributions
CTGx01 2011-11 CTGP Revolution Initial CTGP Revolution release.
RMCx73 July 31, 2014 Mario Kart Adventures v0.7 Final public alpha, 8 custom cups, 4 retro battle arenas and 6 battle arena texture mods
RMCE74 May 23, 2014 Mario Kart Adventures v0.6 Initial public alpha, NTSC only
RMCxA1 November 11, 2014 Mario Kart Adventures v0.8 Initial public Beta
RMCxA2-A9 Mario Kart Adventures Reserved for future releases
Test IDs
RMCxT* reserved (T=Test) This 36 IDs (T0–T9 + TA–TZ) are reserved for short live and test distributions. Everyone can use it and they will never conflict with other real distributions.

Alternate Savegames

To support alternate savegames the ID4 of TICKET, TMD and BOOT.BIN (but not the ID of the disc header) must be changed. Wiimms distributions (and therefore its ISO Patcher change the first letter R to the non used letter K (like Klone).

Used Online Regions

It is possible to give a distribution a region ID. If playing continental/regional only players with the same region id are matched.

The following table shows all used IDs to avoid conflicts. See the discussion for the temporary Status column. Details about Regions.

Custom Track Regions
Status Region Distribution which uses the Custom Region
Worldwide isn't any region, see »Details about Regions«.
0 Nintendo (Japan)
1 Nintendo (North America)
2 Nintendo (Europe)
3 Nintendo (Australia)
4 Nintendo (Taiwan)
5 Nintendo (Korea)
6 Nintendo (China)
7 Reserved by Leseratte
8 CTGP Revolution v1.00.0000
9 CTGP Revolution v1.01.0000
10 CTGP Revolution v1.03's region pool
11 CTGP Revolution v1.02.0003 Alpha
12-20 CTGP Revolution v1.03's region pool
21 CTGP Revolution v1.02.0003 official
22-59 CTGP Revolution v1.03's region pool
60-68 Reserved by Torran
69 Reserved by Tock
70 Stickboy Kart Wii
71-74 Reserved by Helix
75-98 Reserved by Torran
99 Reserved for short-term tests; free for all.
100 Pro CT Pack v1.0
101 Pro CT Pack v2.0 - v3.0
102-128 Used by Wiimms Mario Kart Fun
129-159 Reserved for future versions of Wiimms Mario Kart Fun
160 Reserved for a CT distribution by SpyKid
161 Legend's Awesome CT Pack
162-175 Reserved for future versions of Legend's Awesome CT Pack
176 Reserved by Rukasudo90
177 Reserved for Medal Kart 64
178 Diddz Gang CTWW/AltWFC
179 Reserved for Sucht93a
180 Reserved by JσεεуTD for Joeey, Cyan, Cyther & Bradley's Countdown Pack
181 Reserved by JσεεуTD for The 2.5x Speed Mod Pack
182-183 Reserved by JσεεуTD for Wine's CT Pack Mods
184 Reserved by Bradley for Bradley's Speed Mod Pack
185-186 SpyKid's CT Pack
187-190 Reserved for future versions of SpyKid's CT Pack
191 Atlas's WHackR region
192-195 Reserved for testing by Miles5x5
196-199 Wine's CT Pack
200-202 MKW Hack Pack
203 Reserved by Huili for testing purposes.
204 Spade's Custom Track Pack
205-212 Reserved for Mike15,000vr CT pack beta testing & releases
213-215 Reserved by Dhillon521
216 Reserved by FunX NEvolution
217-219 Reserved by Huili for future MKW Hack Pack updates
220 Reserved for an upcoming distribution by FunkyDude15
221 Reserved by Isle
222-224 Reserved for future hacks by Suigetsu
225-499 Reserved for future remakes by Remake Kart 12
500-530 Reserved for future hacks by rca42623
531-550 Reserved for future hacks by Emergamer02
551 Pro CT Pack v4.0
552-565 Reserved for future versions of Pro CT Pack
566-575 Reserved for Peach Kart 8 and Retro Distributions by Dark Star & Super-Mario68
576-579 Reserved for 4tbMyles8110vr's CT Pack and future hacks by 4tbMyles8110mkwii
580 CodyMkw's Hacker region [CHackR]
581-582 Reserved by YoshiFanX54321 for Retro Kart Wii
583 Reserved by rajwii64 for STR CT Pack
584 Reserved by PokemonAcer
585-599 15 free regions
600-625 Reserved by aplumafreak500 for Lumafreak's CT Distribution
626-665 39 free regions
666 Reserved for Mario Kart QZW
667-672 Reserved by Gekogaeru00 (AC's friend)
673-800 Reserved by AC
801-810 Reserved by PC Freak
811 DWYW Region by YKW Alex
812-8899 8087 free regions
8900-8999 Reserved by Miles5x5
9000-9999 Reserved for tests by Wiimm to have a large continuous amount of non-used regions.
10000 Reserved by Udderdude
10001-13999 3998 free regions
14900 Reserved for 200km/h Races Pack by George99
14901-16383 Please do not use these regions.
Instead, use some of the ~12,000 "free" regions above so the list isn't split in many parts.
16384-65535 These 49152 regions (in hex from 0x4000 to 0xffff) are reserved by me (Wiimm) for special purposes at Wiimmfi. I have no concrete plans yet, but I think for example about regions where cheats are allowed. If I decide anything, then I will divide this part into classes and distribute them to others.

From now on, the usage of these regions is forbidden at Wiimmfi!