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This is a list of all Custom Fonts (BRFNT files) made for Mario Kart Wii.

Fonts may not have an updated download link. Please keep any links updated.

List of fonts

Custom fonts
Title Author
Black and Red RoGamer
Chalky Guilmon
Colorful Font RoGamer
Comic Sans MS RoGamer
Crash Bandicoot Slawter
Darkness Suigetsu
Darky DarkyBenji
Gold NDMichii
Golden RoGamer
Metal RoGamer
MV Boli Jorge
Neon Green SilverMKW
Outline Guilmon
Orange JCookie
Purple to White Stunky
Rainbow Dots RoGamer
Rainbows Guilmon
Ripple Caron
Space Patrol Jorge
Super Mario 4tbMyles8110mkwii
UmePlus rca42623
White n' Black Contour RoGamer

List of extended fonts

Custom fonts
Title Author
Normal Style Syara
MK8 Style Syara
Splatoon 2 Syara
UD Shin Go Syara

Font Packs

Custom fonts
Title Author
Font Colors Pack Krystal
Font Pack Huili