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* Removed remnants of Moonview Highway.
* Removed remnants of Moonview Highway.
* Modified the model.
* Modified the model.
* Added {{obj-ref|0x2ee|rain}}.
* Added rain ({{obj-ref|0x2ee|EnvFire}}).
* Removed support for [[slot]] [[Slot#4.2|4.2]].
* Removed support for [[slot]] [[Slot#4.2|4.2]].

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This article is about kHacker35000vr's older version of the track. For the newer version, see Cannon City II. For Jasperr and ZPL Gaming's remake, see Cannon City III.
Cannon City
Author: kHacker35000vr
Version: RC2
Release date: 2011-03-19
Editors used: Hex Editor Neo, Paint, SZS Modifier
WBZ files: ct.wiimm.de
Download: Sync.com


Cannon City is a custom track made by kHacker35000vr. The track contains many cars and trucks with varying speeds, making them less predictable, and a maze filled with moving item boxes. It is considered to be one of the hardest tracks to have been made.


RC2 VS Race
RC2-alt VS Race
RC1 VS Race

Version History

Version Date of release Information
RC1 2010-07-04 First release
RC2 2011-03-19
  • Changed some cannon types.
  • Extended some walls.
  • Finished cameras.
  • Fixed an Ultra Shortcut.
  • Fixed some glitches.
  • Patched holes in walls.
RC2-alt 2019-08-21 Unofficial update by Toxic Prime and Huili:
  • Changed textures.
  • Removed remnants of Moonview Highway.
  • Modified the model.
  • Added rain (EnvFire).
  • Removed support for slot 4.2.

Custom Track Distributions

This track is part of the following Custom Track Distributions:

Names in Other Languages

Dutch: Kanonstad
French: Canonville
German: Kanonenstadt
Italian: Città Cannone
Japanese: キャノンシティ
Korean: 캐논 시티
Portuguese: Cidade Canhão
Russian: Пушечный город
Spanish: Ciudad Cañón
Greek: Πόλη Κανονιού
Polish: Miasto Kanon
Finnish: Kanuunakaupunki
Swedish: Kanonstaden
Czech: -
Danish: Kanonbyen