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This is a translation page for CTGP Revolution.
General discussion of CTGP-R goes on the talk page.
  • The text must make perfect sense in the language it is translated to.
  • The text should be as close to the original English as possible.
  • Formatting such as bold should be copied as best as possible, but omitted if inappropriate.
  • Language should not be region specific.
  • You may use the {{no}}, {{yes}} and {{maybe}} templates to indicate translation correctness or progress.
  • The name CTGP Revolution is not to be translated.
  • Punctuation should be translated where appropriate.
  • Existing translations should not be overwritten, but first dicussed on the talk page, and overwritten if consensus is established.
    • Exception: Typographical or grammatical errors.
  • Where it matters (Spanish, Portuguese, etc.), alternative NTSC-U and PAL translations may be offered. For example: (NTSC) Aprieta A para continuar. (PAL) Pulsa el botón A para continuar.
  • \n: This is a line feed, also known as a newline. As its name suggests, newlines denote new lines or the end of a line.
  • %d: This is a format specifier. In this case, the d stands for a signed decimal integer. Format specifiers serve as placeholders for numbers.
  • %f: This is a format specifier. In this case, the f stands for a decimal floating point. Format specifiers serve as placeholders for numbers.


In order to create a better and more professional game experience for players from all languages, MrBean35000vr and Chadderz request that people who are fluent in foreign languages help out by translating the game text that we have modified.

Thanks for helping!

A Discord server has been created to help better organize translation efforts. You can find a link to join here: https://discord.gg/pDav8q2



Graphical Translations

Moving away from the Wiki
ATTENTION: We have moved all data to Google Sheets, which results in translating becoming a lot easier. Please join the translation Discord server for more information (https://discord.gg/pDav8q2) as most translation information will be there from now on.