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| [[DS Nokonoko Beach]]
| [[DS Nokonoko Beach]]
| {{unknown|Unreviewed}}
| {{unknown|Unreviewed}}
| New version made by [[Ermelber]], [[Turbo Yoshi]], & [[Yoshidude4]]. GBA Shy Guy Beach slot or it'll crash! Download: [https://www.dropbox.com/s/5xa8e9biqvl78u6/old_heyho_gba%28nokonoko%20beach%29.szs]
| GBA Shy Beach slot or it'll crash! Download: [https://www.dropbox.com/s/5xa8e9biqvl78u6/old_heyho_gba%28nokonoko%20beach%29.szs]
Line 56: Line 56:
| Dry Dry Ruins Slots
| Dry Dry Ruins Slots
| [[Iceway]]
| {{unknown|Unreviewed}}
| Update. boardcross_course slot.Music old_sherbet_64 slot. Download: http://www.2shared.com/file/OxCjeIOG/Iceway_v51.html
| [[Moonlight Way]]
| [[Moonlight Way]]

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Template:CTGP Revolution/Track Wishlist

New Tracks

Newly released tracks since the last CTGP-R Update. No major glitches are known. Please indicate the desired slot and music in the "Notes" field. All tracks will be verified manually as the pack is assembled, and the status field will indicate progress. The decision to accept or reject a track lies solely on popular vote, and all tracks will be demonstrated on a live stream with at least 50 viewers to get opinions. Should a track be updated since the time of verification, please change the status field back to "Unreviewed", and the track will be redownloaded and redemonstrated (including any previously rejected tracks). Any notes that track authors need to be aware of will be inserted in the "Issues/Track Review" field, and please feel free to delete erroneous information.

Add new tracks to the table labelled "Added After Latest Stream".
If you don't, your course may stay unreviewed!

Added After Latest Stream

Track Name Status Notes Track Review/Issues
Bowser's Lava Road Updated Updated (again) to v3.4 since last stream. Should use Bowser's Castle slot and music, Please and Thank you!
Cannon City II Unreviewed Updated routes and start is not hit by cars anymore. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?s4qg22267rbtp21
Coldway Unreviewed Updated full track to v2.0. Download: http://www.2shared.com/file/yY7K8JS-/Coldway_v20.html
Desert Night Sky Unreviewed Dry Dry Ruins slot, Thowmp Desert music will be fine? Download
DS Nokonoko Beach Unreviewed GBA Shy Beach slot or it'll crash! Download: [1]
GBA Bowser Castle 2 (MrKoeikoei and Kazuo) Unreviewed GBA Bowser Castle 3 slot and music highly recommended.
GBA Bowser Castle 2 (sup3rsmash8) Unreviewed GBA Bowser Castle 3 slot and music.
GBA Peach Circuit (ShioriMKW) Updated Updated to RC3. Ultra Shortcut Fixed.
GBA Sunset Wilds Unreviewed Dry Dry Ruins Slots
Iceway Unreviewed Update. boardcross_course slot.Music old_sherbet_64 slot. Download: http://www.2shared.com/file/OxCjeIOG/Iceway_v51.html
Moonlight Way Unreviewed New Track. Castle_course slot. Download: http://www.2shared.com/file/QHSQrV_Z/Moonlightway.html
SNES Ghost Valley 1 (Zilla) Unreviewed Needs SNES Ghost Valley 2 track slot and music slot.
If the viewers or reviewers have a hard time seeing the Darker version, please use the Normal version instead.
SNES Koopa Beach 2 Unreviewed GCN Peach Beach music slot.
SSBB Mario Circuit (Mewtwo2000) Unreviewed Just released the first RC version. Use the N64 Mario Circuit music, please.
Tropical Island Unreviewed Updated to v2.1. Should use GCN DK Mountain slot and music, Please and Thank you's!

Reviewed for 1.03 (Stream 2)

Track Name Status Notes Track Review/Issues
DKR Jungle Falls Accepted Updated to v1.5 since last stream
DS Waluigi Pinball (Yoshidude4 & Turbo Yoshi) Accepted Updated to v3 since the last stream
DS Wario Stadium (Zilla) Accepted Updated to v1.1 since last stream: Boost ramps have been fixed.
GCN Waluigi Stadium track and music slots.
GBA Lakeside Park Accepted Update to V1.1.Better Textures added. It would be nice if the (trees?) obscuring the skybox had proper transparency.
GBA Luigi Circuit (Sneakster) Rejected Similar to the existing version, only this one has better wall and sky mapping. The flashing effect is not easy on the eyes and the rain looks glitchy. The brown offroad area allows faster driving speed than the main road, meaning races would become a competition to stay on the edges.
GBA Rainbow Road (NiAlBlack) Accepted Needs Rainbow Road Music & Slot, updated to RC3 4.5/5 from review. Bullet bill problems near shortcut. Very mixed opinions about replacing original. - Item routes should be fixed.
GBA Riverside Park Accepted Update to RC2.Better Textures and Original Background added.
GBA Peach Circuit (ShioriMKW) Accepted Updated to RC2 since the last stream We will fix the ultra shortcut. Please add invisible walls and watch for tree clips.
GCN Rainbow Road (CaronHT) Accepted Updated to v1.2. All glitches fixed Version 1.1 was messed up on the Wii and needed fixes, but version 1.2 appears to be stable. Cannon is broken. We will fix it.
GP Mario Beach Accepted Updated since the last stream Still some slight lag in places
SM64 Castle Grounds Accepted Updated to Beta 2 since last stream. A tricky cannon is by the first turn and other fixes.
GCN DK Mountain track slot and GBA Battle Course 3 music slot.
SNES Mario Circuit 1 (NiAlBlack) Accepted SNES Mario Circuit 3 music and track slot. 4.5/5 from review. Replacing existing track by popular demand. Lap count issues. Lap count issues should be fixed now.

Reviewed for 1.03 (Stream 1)

Please do not add to this list, these are tracks we have already selected for review, adding new tracks now will not help!
Track Name Status Notes Track Review/Issues
Autumn Leavesway Needs Fixes Should use Maple Treeway music slot 2/5 from voters. Bit bland, add Lakitu, maybe more objects.
Bowser's Lava Road Needs Fixes There's V2 of this track) Download 1.5/5 High quality track, but not enough going on, long straights, etc. Not fun enough. Would be approved with more turns, splits, etc.
Brawl Circuit Needs Fixes 3.5/5 Clearly incomplete. Please fix it, it looks nice!
Cave Island Rejected Download link with glitch fix http://www.mediafire.com/?zbfudy4k7ddbd99 (Warios Gold Mine music slot) Not playable, because you drive always in a fall boundary -- Wiimm * The fall boundary glitch should be gone now, i updated the beta --WiiLuigi 12:36, 29 August 2012 (UTC). 0.5/5 on review. Needs serious work, bad glitches.
Coldway Accepted 2.5/5 from review
Concord Town Accepted Needs DS Delfino Square track and music slot. 4/5 from review.
Daisy's Island Unreviewed
Desert Tower Needs Fixes 3.5/5 Bullet bills fail.
District 65 Accepted 5/5 from review.
DK Raceway RC1.2 Rejected Bullet Bill and minimap fixed. 1/5 Not up to standard.
DKR Haunted Woods Needs Fixes Download 3/5 Item routes and texturing.
DKR Jungle Falls Accepted 4/5 from review. Boost panel texture? Water texture? *Boost panels are fixed: http://www.sendspace.com/file/5vyf9x MrKoeikoei 08:50, 31 December 2012 (UTC)
Dreamworld Cloudway Needs Fixes Needs Rainbow Road slot and music slot. 5/5 from review. Potential problem with bullet bill.
DS Airship Fortress (Zilla) Accepted Maple Treeway track slot and GBA Bowser Castle 3 music slot (not intended to replace MKDasher's version) 4.5/5 from review. Replacing MKDasher's by popular demand.
DS Bowser Castle Accepted Uses N64 Bowser's Castle's slot because it features Bowser's evil laugh when entering the castle, but it should have GBA Bowser Castle 3's music. 4.5/5 from review.
DS Cheep Cheep Beach (sup3rsmash8) Accepted Uses GCN Peach Beach's music and slot. NOT intended to replace the version made by MRbuttCHINSx11T7. 4.5/5 from review. Replacing MRbuttCHINSx11T7's by popular demand.
DS Dokan Course (Turbo Yoshi) Needs Fixes Mushroom Gorge track slot and Moonview Highway music slot 3.5/5 from review. Item routes and potentially add a fall boundary.
DS Mario Circuit (Zilla) Accepted GCN Mario Circuit track and music slot (not intended to replace MRbuttCHINS's version) 4.5/5 from review. Replacing MRbuttCHINSx11T7's by popular demand.
DS Shroom Ridge Accepted Needs Moonview Highway Music & Slot 4.5/5 from review.
DS Waluigi Pinball Needs Fixes New, better version by Yoshidude4 and Turbo Yoshi 4.5/5 from review. Replacing existing track by popular demand. Item routes (bullet bill!) and potentially checkpoints?
DS Waluigi Pinball Beta Unreviewed
GBA Peach Circuit (ShioriMKW) Accepted 4/5 from review. Updated to RC2 since the last stream!
GCN Baby Park Unreviewed 7 lap edition made by Tock.
GCN Dry Dry Desert v0.1b Accepted Needs DS Desert Hills track slot. 3.5/5 from review.
GCN Rainbow Road (CaronHT) v1 Needs Fixes Rainbow Road Track/Music Slot.
The glitch has been fixed in v1.1
4.5/5 from review. Replacing existing track by popular demand. Clouds?! Cannon is bad. Try in a bullet bill. Can we have star rings in the cannon?
GP Mario Beach Needs Fixes Should use Koopa Cape music. (Download sent privately) 4.5/5 from review. Laggy in time trial.
Green Forest Needs Work 2/5 very bland.
Halogen Highway Accepted Needs Moonview Highway track slot and music to work properly. 5/5 from review.
Ibuki Bowser Valley Needs Fixes 4/5 mushrooms interesect flaw, bad item routes.
Inside the Pyramid Unreviewed
Land of the Apes Accepted 3.5/5 fromr review. Can have apes?
Luigi's Village Rejected 1/5 from review. Too low quality, nothing going on, broken short cut.
Mrs. Flynn's Desert Oasis Unreviewed
Night Mountain Unreviewed
Powerpuff Funpark Unreviewed This track has been accepted before, but the textures were copyrighted. Copyrighted textures are now removed
Psyduck Cliffs Accepted Should use GCN Peach Beach Slot for sea SFX and use N64 Mario Raceway music. 5/5 from review. Psyducks are the best.
Seaside circuit Needs Fixes DS delfino square track and music slot please, thanks 4/5 from review. Bullet bill issue on final crossover of track.
SNES Choco Island 2 (Zilla) Accepted SNES Battle Course 4 music slot (not intended to replace MRbuttCHINS' version) 4.5/5 from review. Replacing MRbuttCHINSx11T7's by popular demand.
SNES Donut Plains 1 (Zilla) Accepted SNES Mario Circuit 3 track and music slot. Please use the version with enemies. 4.5/5 from review.
SNES Vanilla Lake 2 (NiAlBlack) Unreviewed N64 Sherbet Land music and SNES Ghost Valley 2 track slot.
Subspace Factory Accepted GBA Bowser Castle 3 slot 4.5/5 from review.
Sunset Island Unreviewed
Volcanic Skyway v4 Accepted 4.5/5 from review. Some support for keeping VS3 shown, so will consider based on track numbers.
Wetland Woods Accepted Needs Koopa Cape slot 5/5 from review.

Reviewed for 1.02

Track Name Status Notes Track Review/Issues
Ancient Ruins Rejected Ultra shortcut, faulty minimap, poor reviews when demonstrated to viewers.
Block´s Castle No DL link
Boo Circuit Rejected Nice concept, but definitely needs more things happening per lap. Unused KMP objects floating in midair.
Cannon City II Rejected Moonview music and slot recommed - Download Rejected by popular demand, stream viewers gave a surprisingly low rating to the track. Cars hit people waiting on start line, some cars float in midair.
Citro's Wedding Altar v1.0 New DL Link Download here [2]
Delfino Village Needs fixes (Download at Wiki page) Please use DS Delfino Square music slot. The bullet routes need work, and the minimap is cut off.
DK Jungle Tour RC1.1 Needs fixes New track with a completely different layout and model - To be called DK Jungle Tour 2 There are a lot of areas that theoretically should be classified as out of bounds but are still drivable. Some shortcuts may be a little overpowered, and there are issues with the bullet routes.
DK's Jungle Beach No DL link (Download at Wiki page) Are we sure? The link on the wiki is merely a test version.
Dry Dry Castle Needs fixes (Download at Wiki page) There are some glitchy textures, and people don't seem to like the shortcutting potential; also, is the eel dead or does he need a specific slot?
Girly Course Rejected Largely negative response from stream viewers. Has an ultra shortcut and is far too small in terms of scale.
Glaced Valley Rejected Item routes are problematic, no fall boundaries aside from solid fall, poor respawns, reasonably generic looking and definitely could use some objects.
Icestorm Peak Needs fixes RC1 Download: [3] should use DK's Snowboard Cross Music Slot There is a problem with item routes. Also could maybe use more obstacles.
Lava Mushrooms Rejected Mushroom Gorge music slot (If possible). Respawn failure, minimap is incorrectly positioned, overpowered shortcut, respawn error, and overall bland track.
Luigi's Valley RC1 Rejected Download: [4] Far too little going on. General negative response from stream viewers. The respawn point could also use work; or more respawn points added.
Majora's Castle Rejected The author is still working on this track http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7j44dOYYZQ
Misty Caveway Rejected Download at Wiki Page - needs Mushroom Gorge slot. There is an ultra shortcut and respawn failures, and it gained generally negative response from stream viewers.
Moo Moo Island Needs fixes Google Sketchup Remake (download on Wiki Page) A wall between road and fall boundary would be beneficial, so we can't see the skybox through the track. Maybe more smooth curves might benefit the track as well.
Mountain Crazyness Maybe The stream viewers could not reach a consensus about whether they liked or did not like the track.
Mountain Path No DL link From the preview video, it seems that there is a minimap issue.
Mushroom Cliff Rejected Use Mushroom Gorge slot, Download - http://www.mediafire.com/?709zed9o8mv6zwr This track is clearly incomplete! Item routes are that of Mushroom Gorge, and most certainly will not work.
Mushroom Fort Needs fixes Uses Mushroom Gorge's course slot. DS Twilight House's Music is requested. Download [RC1] [5] The start line misses itself, and the minimap could use a bit of work.
Over And Around V1.1 Rejected http://www.mediafire.com/?kcdvad4bz0mvb1l Mushroom Gorge Slot Clearly needs a lot of work. Definitely requires more polygons, falling into a black void does not look professional. KMP could also use more objects to keep things interesting.
Rally Circuit Rejected Stream viewers rated track very poorly.
Rapid Street Needs fixes Sketchy texturing and minimap.
Road by Road Rejected Download:[6] Rainbow Road music slot. An interesting idea for a track, however it would benefit greatly from proper modelling and a few more polygons.
Sherbet Ocean Needs fixes Download at Wiki Page - should use N64 Sherbet Land music slot At least one respawn points in the wrong direction. The track is also slightly bland.
Shifting Sandland v2.2 Rejected Download: [7] - fixes position bug Very low rating from stream viewers. Lap count can fail, item routes need work, unclear route, and invisible obstacles.
Summer Island By Magma and FloMaster35000vr Needs fixes (Download at Wiki) Some of the textures require fixes, and some of the shortcuts are way too powerful for their own good.
Sunshine Yard Needs fixes Download at Wiki Page - should use GCN Mario Circuit music slot Minimap is slightly misplaced.
Swamp Course Rejected Needs either larger scale or more laps. It is far too short.
Tonic Trouble Plains Rejected Negative response from stream viewers. Definitely needs more KMP objects.
Troy Circuit Rejected It is possible to drive freely out of bounds, including near the start line (results in glitched shortcuts). Track also needs more to happen in it. Textures fail in places and getting stuck under the bouncy mushrooms, while not fatal, is tricky to resolve. Stream viewers also rated it poorly, probably because of its name.
Twilight Highway v1.0 Needs fixes Download at Wiki Page - Should use Moonview Highway music slot. Minimap needs work, and there are some item route issues.
Underwater Slide Rejected Uninteresting track layout, negative review from stream viewers.
Water Temple Needs fixes Item routes! Also, minimap.

New Tracks That Need Fixes

Tracks that would be nice to have in CTGP but aren't quite up to snuff yet. Usually these are beta versions. New tracks that have known bugs should be listed here.

Track Name Status Notes Track Review/Issues
3DS Wuhu Loop Unreviewed CPUs don't race, tons of glitches, almost everything is driveable, fall off and you'll go to the start.
DS Luigi's Cookie Pinball Unreviewed It is alpha and incomplete.
DS Test Circle Unreviewed Too short and undeveloped.
Ermelber Circuit 1 Unreviewed
GCN Dino Dino Jungle Unreviewed VERY glitchy atm, way too glitchy to include in the CTGPR.
Heart of China Unreviewed Major issues: Lack of respawn pointers (some even freeze), as good as invisible itemboxes in single-player mode (not in Multi-player (splitscreen) apparently) and vertical off-boundary collisions around the stage are not working like it supposed to be.
Miky's Castle Unreviewed Fall boundary not added, crash at start position. Model big bug (work in progress, need help!!!).
Mini Parkway Unreviewed
Moo Moo Island Unreviewed
Nokonoko Resort Unreviewed KMP still in progress.
SNES Circle Unreviewed Takes about 20 seconds to finish all three laps [8], would be spammed for easy & fast wins because the leader would have an advantage.

Oldies but Goodies

Not new, but good tracks that were probably overlooked, or rejected tracks that were recently fixed.

Track Name Status Notes Track Review/Issues
Alpha Desert Valley Unreviewed Needs a minimap-fix.
Chaotic Circle Unreviewed
Daisy's Garden Unreviewed
Darky Cliff Unreviewed
DK Waterfall Unreviewed
DS Dokan Course (MKDasher) Unreviewed The first official course to use the SZS Modifier's OBJ Importer
Mushroom Volcano Unreviewed
Nightmare Unreviewed
Proxmia Road Unreviewed
SNES Ghost Valley 1 (metaknight2550/WPBully) Unreviewed
SNES Ghost Valley 3 Unreviewed
SNES Mario Circuit 2 Unreviewed
SNES Mario Circuit 4 Unreviewed
Stunny City Unreviewed
The Hole Cave Unreviewed